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NYkay - January 18

How long do you usually stay in the hospital after giving birth? I know it depends on whether you go natural or have a c-section, but just a rough estimate...


jmejo2 - January 18

I was in there with my first for 2 days I believe after natural. But hey if you read about Nicole Ritchie she got to leave the same day she had her baby...LOL. The one thing that was nice was that you did get to catch up on that sleep you lost.


mjvdec01 - January 19

I had a v____al delivery with my first and spent three nights in the hospital. I delivered my daughter at almost 10pm the first night, that is why I got to stay another night.


kellet1247 - January 22

The hospitals around me are 24 to 48 hours for normal and 48 to 72 for c-section. But it really depends on insurance. One lady I know had to leave her insurance only covered 24 hours. This is all after birth not from check-in


cors1wfe - January 24

I stayed 2 days with my first and 1 day with my second I got way more rest at home and with baby number 3 I plan to go home after day 1 it's more comfortable to be in my own home/bed etc One piece of advice as excited as everyone will be to see the baby discussed with your dh and family about needing some space and time to rest before you allow guests over - I have a 3 day rule before I allow company - it was the best thing I did after my last one so I could rest and sleep when the baby slept - there is plenty of time for people to meet your newborn you need your rest


lunamoo - January 25

I went home 6 hours later. I had a degrading, drugged up birth and hated being in the hospital after all that I went through. They recommended I stay longer but I had the choice. My 2nd dd was born at home and that was a beautiful, comfortable and healthy experience for all of us. Gave birth in the living room, was in the bathtub shortly there after with my dd and then into the familiarity and coziness of my own bed.


cattac - January 25

usually insurance will cover 2 nights after you have the baby (even if you have the baby at 1am you would stay another two nights). For a c-section insurance will normally cover anywhere from 3-5 nights.


angelgabby84 - January 28

Here in UK as long as you are ok and baby is fine then you normally go home the same day (maybe different if you are really high on meds) . When I went with my best friend when she delivered, she had the baby at 5:55am and was home by 3:00pm. On my first, I delivered at 11:55pm and was home at 12:00 the next day. So not even 12 hours after really. Another friend of mine delivered by C section on 15th Dec and didnt come out until 20th. My guess is as long as you and baby are fine then off you go!! Good Luck x


sarahbaby11 - January 30

with my first with i had an epidural v____al delivery i was there for 48 hours. a little over actually b/c my hospital did discharges at 12pm. with my second i had her naturally and would have been able to go home 8 hours after having her except i had group b strep and did not get 2 doses of antibiotic so for the babys safety we stayed 48 hours.



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