How Fast Does Castor Oil Work To Induce Labor

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abbf2005 - May 1

Im 38 weeks pregnant with my second child 4 cm dilated and 75% effaced. Just wondering if anyone has tried this and how fast it worked for them.



amylea12 - May 1

my friend tryed it and was in labour the next day, but it can vary from women to women. im 38 weeks also and want this baby out but dont no if to use castor oil or not.


kaylaewasiuk - May 4

I am 40 weeks and i just tried castor oil so we will see if it works, I was told that it is completly safe and it worked for my two sisters with all 6 of there kids so good luck if you try it... I will update and let you know if i go into labor and then you will know if it works :) Try mixing a teaspoon at a time with a shot of cream soda it makes it taste less discusting (DONT LICK YOUR LIPS) and only take like 3 teaspoons at a time. Good Luck


kaylaewasiuk - May 5

Well Castro didnt work for me, It just made me really ucomfortable so I suggest not trying it... Good luck though



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