How Much Longer Until Labor

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risingsunset04 - April 11

I have been 1 cm dilated for about 4 days now. I have been slowly losing pieces of my mucous plug over that time period as well. The baby has also dropped and I have that "nesting instinct". How much longer do I have until I go into labor? I'm so anxious to see my baby girl!


Alice1 - April 11

It's hard to tell, I've been 1 cm dilated for two weks, baby dropped, lost my mucus plug on sunday and still waiting...


Daniella - April 11

I was 1 cm dilated at 32 weeks.. 2 cm dilated the week after that. Baby is extremely low and my cervix is real thin. I am now 36 weeks. So, there is no way to know for sure.


Daniella - April 11

oh, and I lost my mucus plug 4 weeks ago. The whole thing!! it keeps regenerating and I keep losing it again and again.


Daytona - April 13

Ive been 1cm dialted for a couple of weeks as far as i know..and i am now a day over my due date..but still nothinghappening yet...ive had alot more discharge over the past 2 days..but yeh still nothing happening yet.


Daniella - April 13

Ok, just got back from my apt. and now at 3 cm dilated, 75% effaced and baby logged well into my pelvic (think -1 station)... yet she said I could still hold off for a couple more weeks. Just turned 36 weeks. 2 weeks ago I was 1cm dilated, 25% effaced.. last week I was 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced and today I am 3cm dilated and 75% effaced... See a pattern!?!? LOL... So, its so hard to tell.


risingsunset04 - April 13

I went to the doctor yesterday because I had pieces of the mucous plug coming out (like 8 big pieces bigger than quarters) and it was bloody too. He said that yes I am dilating and it is a big change since he saw me last week. He said it could be weeks, days, or even hours and that everyone's cervix is different. He also said that she was head down but not fully in the pelvis. Is there something I can do to help her move down?


maxsmom - April 13

Walk or sit on a yoga ball and bounce a little. Good luck


Daniella - April 13

risingsunset- Yes, do wall squats or get one of those labor b___s. Not only do they help open your pelvic bone up, they help relieve so much pain down there. Really good for you. Also, you can have the baby fully in your pelvic and stil not go into labor for a while. Our bub is logged well low down there where the doctor can feel his head no prob. But, he's been down since 30 weeks. Even though the past couple weeks he has slowly moved even further down. Its all a guessing game. Hopefully not much longer now. I also lost my mucus plug (the whole thing) 4 weeks ago. Gotta love this waiting, eh!? lol, jk. How far are you now??


risingsunset04 - April 14

I'm about 35 weeks. Also lost the rest of the mucous plug since my last post. Preemies run in my family (out of the last 16 kids born, 14 were one or two months early) and the doctor doesn't think I have much longer. maybe a week or two at most. They said as long as the baby is over 34 weeks, the lungs are mature enough for the baby to not have problems. I'm hoping she'll be ok for whenever she decides to take her sweet time making a guest appearance...


senseisnuggles - April 19

I was 1cm at 37 weeks and then jumped to 3 cm at 38... and have remained there since. I lost my mucous plug as well, am over 50% effaced, experience contractions up the wazoo but they don't get closer together or stronger. It's really just a waiting game, each week the doctor tells me he doesn't think he'll see me the following week. And each week I walk in for my appointment.... there's really no way to tell how soon you'll go into labor. Just take this last little while and relax, take a bubble bath, read a book or spend some time with your sig other before the baby comes :-)


sara b - April 21

Hi all. I had my first bout of labor at 27 weeks. My daughter was at a -1 station and engaged completely. I was 1 cm and 50% effaced. I had more labor at 33 and 35 weeks. Effaced completely and still 1 cm. At 40+ weeks I went to be induced and found out I was 3 cm and still completely effaced and contracting. Went back the next day and was 5cm. Doctor broke my water and I had her in time for dinner. If I hadn't been overdue I would never have known I was in labor and it would have been days more since I was dilating about a centimeter every day or two until my water was broken. So hang in there. It ends eventually. Best wishes.



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