If You Wanna Go Into Labor Do This

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Fantasy42092 - April 22

okay so I am 36 weeks... I am due May 22nd. Do you think that if I were to try the Castor Oil that everything would turn out fine for my baby? The doctor has told me that he believes that my baby is already 6 1/2 lbs... What do you think ???


chrissyj - April 22

No, there is a reason that gestation is 40 weeks...your baby is still developing. It's not the weight I would worry about it's the development of the lungs. Castor oil has really worked from some people but has been discouraged BECAUSE it can cause your baby to poop, meconium (first baby poo) in the amniotic fluid can be dangerous to your new born...you are risking a lot to try anything at this point in your pregnancy. Part of the joy of seeing your baby is going through the part that you just SO want to be over. Seriously don't use castor oil wait till you are 39 weeks along and ask to be induced by your dr. if you don't want to wait.


cutshall69 - April 23

What if your doctor wont induce labor what are any ways to safely self induce labor?? If any.


chrissyj - April 23

Intercourse because Semen contains a high concentration of a substance called prostglandins. This chemical helps stimulate contractions of the uterus. Also, stimulation of the nipples...because the same synthetic drug dr. use oxytocin to induce labor is a hormone naturally released by your own body...oxytocin causes the uterus to contract.


mommyhaley - March 23

I am 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I have tried just about everything to go into labor. I have tried castor oil, red raspberry tea, walking, s_x, and idk what else to. Can anyone help me? I have been dealing with contractions for almost a month now. I need help!!!!!!! What about wine?


shanlou - January 31

I think to many people comment on negative things do what you want ladies as long as your happy I'm 37 weeks and want my baby out asap i don't think it's selfish I've just had enough now over being pregnant I definitely will try something..



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