Induced With Cervidil

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C - April 26

If you've been induced using Cervidil, please give me your experience with this drug. I am supposed to be induced with this Thursday a.m. and I'm somewhat nervous.


michelle - April 27

I was induced using Cervidil, no Pitocin. It was a very textbook labor. Contractions started and gradually became stronger. It was just like reading a description of labor in a book. Good luck!


Jill - April 27

I am overdue dr wont induce because he said my cervix isn't ripe, so I asked if there was something to use to ripen it he said no you can pray should I ask about cervidil??


C - April 27

I would much prefer to just go into labor on my own. My doctor is only inducing me because my blood pressure keeps going up unless I'm on bed rest. I'm actually 40 weeks and 3 days, 1 cm. dilated and 50% effaced (as of yesterday). There is also always an increased risk of c-section when you are induced. The only way you should want to be induced is if the risks of waiting outway the risks of the drugs. My friend was induced at about 37 weeks and her baby was in the NICU for 2 days because he had underdeveloped lungs. Anyway, your time will come and be thankful if you don't have to be induced. They'll induce you once your are a certain amount late cause the placenta can stop functioning as well. I'm not trying to sound preachy, just my thoughts.


C - April 27

p.s. Thanks Michelle for your response.

Jill, how overdue are you? They should do the testing on you soon to see how the baby is thriving. I had mine yesterday (it's just the internal, an ultra sound, and then they put the fetal monitor on you). They'll probably do that at your next exam if they haven't already. They're looking at your fluid level, and to see how the babies heart rate reacts when you have a contraction or when he moves. Good luck!


michelle - April 27

Candy, if you want to avoid a c-section, don't let your dr. rupture your membranes. Once the bag of waters breaks, contractions become more painful and there is no going back. If your labor stalls or doesn't progress, they will have to do a c-sec. If your membranes are intact, you can always tell them to shove it - you're going home! I know you're having problems, so I hope everything is okay and you soon have a beautiful baby :)


C - April 27

I'll let you know how it goes! I leave in 3 hours. Supposed to be napping but my mind is going a mile a minute and now I want to watch American Idol. That'll take my mind off of it I think.


Jill - April 27

I go to the dr Mon. I'll be 41 weeks then my dr said we will start monitoing that week. I know inducing sucks with pitocin thats why I was wondering about cervidil but at my hospital they give everyone pitocin anyway, I thought it was weird that my dr wanted to wait until next week to monitor the baby I thought he would start this week


Rachel - May 5

I was started on Cervadil around 8pm. My water broke on its own at midnight, started HEAVY contractions at 2am and my baby was born at 955am.

I did not need pitocin. The Cervadil was a kick start for me. You can have a v____al delivery and use cervadil!


ddgzbaby - September 29

I see that the last post on this was in 2005, but I am interested to know about ladies who were induced starting with cervidil without being dilated at all naturally before hand. Any ladies gone into labor from not being natually dilated or thinned with just cervidil? - - I go for an induction starting with cervidil the night after next...


laurastensgard - December 16

I know several women who were induced with cervadil, and it worked well for them. I was induced with cervadil and I regret it. after several hours of labor I had a c-section.I think baby just wasn't ready. I will def. wait patiently for the next one.



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