Medicaid And Circumcision

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babyboy06 - January 24

I am currently on Medicaid and I heard from a friend of mine that Missouri doesn't cover Circ_mcision anymore. What should I do? I can't imagine him not getting one, but I cannot afford it. Any body know anything about this?


nblanton - January 24

I don't know anything about it but you should ask your doctor. They know what medicaid covers.


mandy - January 24

In Louisiana it costs $200 on medicaid. I would pay them in installments if you have to. Surely if you break it up you could afford it.


Mandi_Lin - January 24

hello babyboy06 I am from Nevada MO and I am on MC +. Your friend was right they will not cover to have your baby boy circ_mcised, however the doctors in this town only charge $50 to do it though.


Michi - January 24

I live i California and the DR. tolde that since the circ_mcision is consider an esthetic procedure, most of the medical insurance don't cover it. Here it cost around 100 - 250 dollars. Good Luck.


?:<( - January 24

Does anyone know if medicaid pays for circ_mcision in South Carolina?


ndblanton - January 24

That is so crazy!! Now, thats something else I have to think about. I'm glan I read this post.


agtemt - January 24

I live in PA and was on medicaid with two previous pregnancies. I never even wondered if it was covered. My son was circ_mcised the next day and it was fully covered. Though in PA you are required to sign with a specific insurance provider when you get medicaid. Either Ameri Health Mercy, or Unison Direct (there are 2 others i cant remember what they are) Im not sure if this makes a difference. Im also not sure if it has changed since he was born in 2003. I will deffinatly check though.


OMG - January 24

You have to PAY to have your child cut?!


Jami - January 25

I am on Medicaid, and it doesn't cost much to do it, it should only cost about $ 100


ChaycesMom - January 26

I live in MA and was on Ma__sHealth when I had my son. They covered everything. The only bill I saw was one for a neonatologist cause my son was a week early, but even that one I sent into Ma__sHealth and they paid for that.



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