Mucus Plug 36 Weeks

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Confused - November 26

I'm 36 weeks, and i think that i hae lost some of my mucus plug. When i went to the bathroom, it was clear, jelly like stuff. I have been cramping the past 2 days. Is this a sign that i am going into labor soon, this is my first pregnancy so i dont know what to expect.


Stephanie - November 26

Sounds to me like you lost your plug. Labor could come soon, or still be a couple of weeks away. I lost my MP a couple of weeks ago and am still waiting (due this Monday).


Chris - December 1

I would call your doctor, you might have started dilating. I lost my mucus plug and had my baby 3 hrs later.


Erin - December 3

I think your mucus plug is usually thicker and has some blood in it. I'm 39 wks and justy lost mine, and it was really thick and yellow and brown. I have also had more jelly-like stuff and my dr said it was just mucusy discharge.


Holly - December 4

I think it was just mucus discharge as well sorry. But you do often at times get alot of mucusy discharge all at ounce during pregnancy. If it was your mucuc plug it would have had a bit more color to it. I just lost mine and I am 38 weeks with my third and with all of my kids it has been a brownish redish color stringy and gewy. Pretty gross but thats the way it goes. You can loose a little one day and a couple days later loose a little more. Go to your search ingine on your computer and type in pregnancy and mucus plug and it will give you a hole bunch of sites to look at that tell you what it may look like and what to expect.



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