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edith - March 21 12:58pm

Has anyone heard of rubbing castor oil on your belly to help rippen your cervix ? Dont fancy drinking it !!!

valerie - March 21 2:23pm

I have never heard of this, but I can't imagine how this would help ripen your cervix...

Luna - March 22 10:11am

All that would do is moisturize your skin.

Tjane - March 22 3:27pm

I think it has only worked if it was drank but you are not the only one who thought this, someone else on a thread said "i just rubbed castor oil on my belly and Im waiting to see if it works" and while some people laughed at her, i thought it was funny too but it was cute.

^lucy^ - March 23 7:03am

not castor oil, rubbing sage oil can help.. i read this in many forums as sage is considered to be very powerful to bring on labor.. i've read also that if u take a bath and put few drops of sage oil into the water and sit in the tub, it can bring on labor.. u can try it as it sounds relaxing and safe :)


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