Start Of Labor Maybe

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GraphxGirl - June 9

Do you have to be 100% effaced ( thinned out ) before real labor can start? I was 60% effaced on Wednesday and between 1 and 2 cm dialated. Just wondering if I could thin out the rest of the way just in the past couple days or if it don't matter and labor can start anyways. I have been timing contractions now for the past 30 mins and they are 4 & 5 mins apart. I am starting to get very nervous. I have had braxton hicks throughout my entire pregnancy so far... and tonight for some reason it seems to be a bit more than just that. I am 35 weeks by the way... Anyone around right now to talk to me??


Patti - June 10

Sorry I didn't see your post last night or I would have responded. Yes, you very well can be in labor without being 100% effaced. And, the contractions you're having could be thinning you too. Let me know how you are, unless of course you went in and had your baby! Best of luck!


GraphxGirl - June 10

It was a false alarm... after lying down the contractions stopped. Back to the waiting game again hehe !!


Patti - June 12

You've probably dilated more w/ that episode of contractions. The more you progress now, the less you'll have to go when you start real labor. Good luck!


bbelmore - June 15

Thirty five weeks is a little early... but every woman is different. I was 2-3 cm dilated and 75% effaced from thirtyeight weeks on, and gave birth 8 days late. It's so subjective, you'll know when it's time!


GraphxGirl - June 15

Well my cervix was already too short when I was 27 weeks and I been on bedrest since then for early contractions back in April... so even though I was just 35 weeks, I was already at risk of going in early to begin with. Doctor told me I am past the dangerous point now and if it happened they wouldn't try to stop it... I am 36 weeks now so still hanging in there.



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