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Brandi - October 18

I am just now 38 wks and my va___a is very swollen and Iam passing a mucas discharge. I am not having contractions but I am having alot of pressure.


Jessica - October 19

I'm only 24 weeks pregnant and the same thing is happening to me. I'm not sure what it is yet and I will ask my doctor the next time I go. Is there any itchiness? The swelling could be from that.


Brooke - October 20

I am 21 and 34.5 weeks and mine is swollen too. i think it happens when ur baby drops down


Josie - October 21

I think it happens to everyone. I've had it for a few weeks, and I'm at 38 weeks.


sara - January 6

i am 22 weeks and experiancing the same thing... i would also like to know what it is


KM - January 7

your v____a swells in your 3rd trimester from pressure and increased blood flow to that area.


sam - January 7

hello im 39wks and my v____a is very swollen aswel and also having alot of pressure does your v____a really hurts when u r walking? mine does and im gettin really fed up with it so really gel we r having the same problems with our pregnancy? is this your first or second?


dt - May 1

I think it's mostly because of increased blood flow to your genital area, it can happen any time during pregnancy, just a way of loosening up your ligaments and stuff for birth (also the swelling can be pleasurable and make s_x feel better!). Also I think it's partly just the pressure of added weight like the way your legs and feet swell up.



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