What Does The Doctor Mean When He Says My Cervix Is Long

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xaviersmommy_07 - February 15

I went to the doctor today and he had to force my cervix to open and he said my cervix were long. what does this mean and is it normal to be long or not? i go to have my baby boi in 3 days and i jus wanted to know what this meant and is it normal. Am i close to being in labor?


Smilefull - February 15

your cervix is long when it's far from being dilated...as it dilates and effaces it becomes shorter, and rounder.
Think of it like a polo neck sweater, when nothing is going on it'll lay flat....when you push your head through it'll become more round, hope that a___logy helps


Tammy276 - February 16

why did he force your cervix open? he shouldn't be opening your cervix for anything.


SammyStar - February 16

when your cervix is long it means it is not yet ripe and therefore not ready for labour. I don't know why your doctor was trying to force it open. As labour apporaches your cervix will soften and shorten. The a___logy of the polo neck is a good one!



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