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lillybug - August 1

grabosky~~~ I misscarried at 4 weeks exactly and I didn't need a D&C so I was able to try right away, how ever I only had one normal cycle after the misscarriage and two ab-normal ones including this cycle that I am on right now!


Jessica_Holroyd - August 1

Hi... I found out on July 26th that I was pregnant. I called the doctor and according to the first day of my last mens. the doctor said i was around 5 weeks... though I did not get an ultrasound because it was just too early. I would put myself around 4 weeks.. anyways.. I started spotting and then bleeding (more than spotting but less than a period) with clots on 7/30 so I called the doctor and she had me come in. She said that everything looked normal (but no ultrasound) and I took the bloodtest for hCG... my bleeding and cramping got a little worse on 7/31 and have lightened up today..no cramping but a little spotting mostly when i wipe... and the doctor called today and said that my hCG level was 8. I took another bloodtest today to compare, but it's basically not looking good. I only pa__sed a little tissue. If I did miscarry, will I need an D&C since it was really early? I'm not exactly sure what I need to do... just wait to hear the results from the bloodwork i took today I guess... I don't really want a D&C.. my husband and I want to try and conceive again I guess after I get my next period.. does anyone have any advice?


bdykes - November 29

I am 5 weeks along and my hcg is only 84. This is my first and all very new to me. The doctor thinks I am not even pregnant. I go back for another blood draw tomorrow!!! Each of you are in my prayers! Good luck everyone!


Hosanna - October 21

Hi i wonder how it worked out...I'm going through the same...4w level went down to 10. It was 38.3 at 3w. Waiting to see OB...



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