8 Weeks Pregnant With Mild To Severe Cramping And Spotting

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joyc1688 - June 5

This is my second pregnancy. I spotted light pink at 6 weeks pregnant for a day and I stopped for a week, I started again at 7 weeks and 3 days. Im having spotting from light pink, to red and brown. I went to the doctor he did an ultrasound said the baby was growing and had a normal heart beat... But the cramps are so severe at times and after the cramps (which feel like braxton hix) I spot a little more after? This is happening mostly at work when I am on my feet.

Is there anything I can do differently? And should the doctor be doing more than telling me I will be fine and not giving me a straight answer what is going on with my body?


krazykat - June 12

I started bleeding and cramping at 13weeks and 5 days, went to triage who removed some blood clots which said they were old. continued to bleed a brownish/black blood until 20 weeks and 5 days when i was finally sent for an anomily scan which they noticed a synchronised hematoma, so i am now 22 weeks and bleeding red like a period. It took them around 8 weeks to get to the bottom of this i also had like braxton hicks contractions which have disappeared now but i still have bleeding and so far baby is fine. I was told to rest but obviously i work full time and had a lot of time already because of this bleeding so i am resting when possible, im afraid complete bedrest will be impossible for me as i also have a 7 year old



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