Am I Really Preg Or Did I Have A Mc And Dont Know

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tamihend - December 28

I went in and found out that i was preg and also found out that i was rh-. at this point i should be about 11 or 12 weeks, but i still have periods, the doctor told me because i was rh- that my body doesnt know that i'm preg. I have had no morning sickness, not that i'm complaining but i sometimes wonder if i've had a misscarraige and don't know it. This month I've taken 3 preg tests and 2 of them said i was preg and the third said no. My ob wont see me untill i'matleast 16 weeks so should i continue stress wondering or what?


aliviah - January 14

Hi, I just signed up for this forum to find out similar answers. My daughter in law is or was supposedly pregnant about 5 weeks. She started bleeding last friday and a__sumed she miscarried. They told her she was still pregnant and she was rh so they gave her the shot. She went to the doctor yesterday and now they say she is only 1 week pregnant but they are not really sure. My granddaughter is about to be 5 yrs old and when she got pregnant with her the same thing happened, she got pregnant, supposedly miscarried but was pregnant again within weeks. I feel for you and her. I hope we can find out some answers because I think that she never lost the baby 5 years ago and hasn't lost this one but has some strange thing going on with pregnancy. I'd be greatful to hear what you hear and I'd be happy to tell your what's going on with her. Is this your first? I'm not very good with the computer so bear with me. Did you ever have problems with birth control pills or IUD?


clindholm - January 15

I think you should both post your questions under either "General Pregnancy" or "First trimester" forums with the rh- in the t_tle. There is more traffic and more women with rh experiences in those areas. Good luck to you both.



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