Anyone Had Sack Tear Away From Uterus

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Sue - March 9

Hi there,i am 14wks pregnant.At 12wks i started bleeding and after a scan,was told i had a haematoma on my uterus.After another heavy bleed the scan showed the haematoma had reduced in size.I've been for a further update and scan today which shows the haematoma has increased and part of the sack has torn away from my uterus.Although the doctor has said i could go onto carry full term,he also said the cant prevent a miscarridge either.I,ve to go for further scan next week.Has anyone had a similar experiance and what was the outcome?I've never heard of this before.


yetanothertripletmom - March 9

When I was 8 weeks pregnant with my triplets Baby A's placenta abrupted and his sac was halfway pulled away from the uterus. My doctor put me on complete bedrest and advised me to expect to lose him. He's a healthy 2 year old today! Stay off your feet and try not to stress too much. Good luck!


Erica - March 13

I am 13 weeks pregnant, and my doctor said I have a small tear on my placenta. That I needed to take it easy, and pray! That scared me to death. I was only spotting lightly at this time and I wasn't aware that it was this serious. I don't really know the outcome of your situation or mine, but I do know that through GOD anything is possible. I hope everything for you turns out o.k I will keep you in my thoughts and prayer.



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