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Mary - November 24

I am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant and have been spotting for the last month. I had my first prenatal visit on Monday, we saw the baby the heartbeat the baby even moved. Today is Wed and I went to the bathroom and was bleeding not enough to have to wear a pad but it looked new. could it be from the exam and the papsmear. I am not bleeding anymore but just spotting a little. This is so scary to me and so emotional, I am trying to not stress but has anyone expierinced this before?


Trisha - November 24

I don't think you should worry. If you are that scared you should contact your OB. I have heard that a lot of women spot during pregnancy. If you have heard the heart beat then it sounds like your baby is wonderful.


Claire - June 14

I am 5.5 weeks pregnant and I have been spotting for about a week now. Like Mary I am quite concerned that this means that I could miscarry. I have read up on bleeding on several web sites and they generally say that the bleeding is normal unless it is a__sociated with severe cramping. I wish I didn't have to wait so long before I saw the gyno.


Joyce - June 14

Hi Ladies: I got a BFN last Friday (6/10) when my period came on, but it usually ends after 3 days. I've been spotting since Sunday. Could I be preg and the test I took was just too early to tell? Can someone help me figure this out? I go to the gyno next Wed. (6/22)


mary - June 15

I have in the past been in the same position,but i dont like to compare because every pregnancy is different. But i know the stress and not knowing is not good for u ,if you havent got a gyn appointment for a while go to your local doctor and ask for another ultrasound it wont harm u or baby but will help with the anxiety that u are feeling,after all if anyone needs to know whats happening inside your body its u good luck i wish u all the best.



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