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ursweetness32 - July 28 9:14pm

I had a miscarriage 2months ago ive been to the doctors 3times he did say that everything was fine, but im still bleeding..the bleeding hasnt stop...somebody please give me some advice and plus some home remedies...PLEASE HELP!

Masha - July 30 11:24am

Hello, I'm sorry for your loss... I had three miscarriages before I had my daughter and now I'm 30 Weeks pregnant with a boy... So good things will happen to you too! About your situation... Go and get second opinion, if your doctor thinks that you are fine. I was in the same situation with my third miscarriage: two months bleeding, I was feeling awfully! But that was looks like my dc was not care much: he told me the same thing - "I'll be fine!" And yes, I was, after I called another doctor and another one gave me some injection, which helped to uterus clean up it self: my bleeding stopped very next day. I hope it will help, Good luck!

ursweetness32 - July 30 9:05pm

thank you so much Masha, thats what i plan on doing is getting a second opinion.

Suse - August 3 9:57am

Hi ursweetness32, I had a miscarriage in June (my second one, the first one was in March). I was bleeding like crazy for about a week and I though everything for sure came out. But then it kept bleeding sometimes more sometimes less, and the hcg didn't go down. Did they check your hcg? After 5 weeks of bleeding they did a D&C and after that everything was fine.

ursweetness32 - August 3 5:03pm

Hello Suse, no they havent check my hcg...but im suppose to see the doctors this friday and i will mention that for tired of bleeding! i hope this time the doctor can help me!

ursweetness32 - August 6 6:54am

Hello to everyone just wanted to give and update...looks like i finally stop bleeding..i did make a doctors appt for next hoping that i wont need to go to the feels so good to get my body back finally...but the funny things is now i feel pregnant...i havent taken a pregnancy test yet..but i will if the symptons get stronger...but if i am pregnant...i pray that this pregnancy goes through...

Suse - August 7 5:29pm

ursweetness32, good luck at the doctor! I'm sure everything is ok now.

ursweetness32 - August 9 10:36pm

The bleeding came back...the doctor still doesnt know whats going on....i started taking home far it hasnt worked...right now im just praying for my nightmare to end.

Suse - August 10 10:52am

Oh, I'm so sorry. It sounds exactly like what I had. I kept bleeding on and off for almost 6 weeks and the pregnany hormone hcg didn't go down like it should. They did an ultrasound and didn't see anything left in there. Since the bleeding didn't stop they decided to do a D&C anyway and they actually found some tissue that was left in there and caused the bleeding. Even though I was very scared of it first I'm so glad I got the D&C done so I could move on with my life. Hang in there!

tryingx3 - August 10 1:43pm

ursweetness32 - I have had 2 d&c's because of failed pg....part of that decision is because it is my understanding that with "some" natural miscarriages some of the tissue remains and a d&c is required. If you end up having a d&c, don't will be put under, however, the pain with each of mine was minimal. I told my husband maybe it had to do with the fact my heart was hurting so bad.

ursweetness32 - August 10 7:35pm

thank you so doctor is setting me up for another ultra sound...looks like i might be having a d&c...i will keep you guys posted. thanks for all the comments and support i really apperciate it.

ursweetness32 - August 23 6:36pm

hello just wanted to give and update, i didn't get the d&c because the bleeding turned into very late looks like the spotting is going to stop anyday now...thas has been a very long process for me...

DH - August 25 2:56am

My wife having the same problem. M/C 5 weeks ago, still bleeding and she is very depressed. HCG at 100. More HCG blood test and see what the doc gonna say. Such a long painful journey.

ursweetness32 - August 25 7:52pm

DH, did your wife get an ultra sound after the miscarriage?and is your wife having any blood clots?

llisab - August 31 7:56am

Hi DH,
I started a miscarriage on April 23, and bled on and off for 10 straight weeks. Some days were heavy, and some were light, and for a few I didn't bleed at all...I ended up in emergency on June 28 because I was hemmoraging, and finally got a d&c. I think that after 5 weeks, everything should be gone, and if it takes longer than that, definitley get a second opinion...I would never wait that long again. I was nevous about the d&c, but, I was only under for 15 minutes, and the discomfort afterwards was minimal. When it was all over, I wished I had done it much sooner. Good luck and take care, Lisa

ursweetness32 - September 19 7:45pm

im just updating everyone, i feel like i got my body back finally,,,i bled for almost 15weeks..and this time it has really stop..the doctor never gave me the d& out of the blue i just stop bleeding and its been almost 2wks without bleeding...i guess it is different for everyone..but to me 15wks is a very long time!!!

JuliaB - October 1 3:15pm

Hello. I had a similar situation. I knew I was going to miscarry for weeks, and had my cycle for about 8 weeks. It finally stopped June 26th. I went to my doctor, and she confirmed that I was done. I've had 2 cycles since, but the last was 10 full days, which is twice as long as usual. NOW, Yesterday, Sept. 30th, I experienced what could only be described as a hemorrhage. I knew my cycle was due to start, but it was still so shocking and heavy, it felt like what I can only expect water breaking to feel like, or that I was suddenly incontinent. When I ran to the bathroom, I was shocked to see all that blood. I called the doctor, and she said if it continues, to go to hospital. She said it can happen, and not to worry, so long as I don't lose so much, I get lightheaded. The rest of the day was like a typical medium cycle, and today is pretty light. I will go to my Dr. Monday, but what a shocker. Has anyone experienced anything similar?


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