Bleeding At Only 2 5 Weeks Please Help

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Ally - June 20

I've been bleeding just after my normal period would be due, but it's abnormal. I know it’s a bit unusual to even know you’re pregnant this early, but this was a planned pregnancy, after charting my fertility signs (temperature, cervical fluid, and others) for 4 full cycles first so I know what is normal for me. I have 28-day cycles you could set your watch by, and ovulate on Day 14. We made love on 28 May 2004, my ovulation date, and again early on 29 May 2004 for the bonus round. I continued charting my signs and sure enough the signs so far indicate we were successful. Also I’ve been feeling warmer than usual all the time, and often light-headed or dizzy. I have a 3yo girl and remember having these symptoms at the start of that pregnancy too. My temperature is still high even now, after what I’m about to describe. In a normal cycle, I would have had pre-menstrual cramps on Friday 11 June, spotting at the end of the day, and then begun bleeding in earnest on Saturday. It then takes 7 days before the period disappears altogether. Nothing happened until Sunday 13 June, when I began to bleed with cramps about the same intensity as a normal period. It was bright red and thin at first, then getting heavier and darker, but still like the heaviest part of my normal period (no big clots or anything). On Monday I was still bleeding, not as bad as the day before, but a medium-heavy flow. I went to the Dr and she said “it’s either a normal period or a miscarriage, but better to tell yourself that it’s just a normal period, go home and forget about it.” She refused to do a pregnancy test, said it wouldn’t help. I got a home test kit myself and it said negative. Tuesday morning I was bleeding at a medium flow, which tapered off gradually until it stopped altogether in the early evening. I’ve had no bleeding since. That makes 2.5 days of bleeding, compared to my normal 7 days. The thing is, my mother had 4 kids, and bled for at least 2 months of the first trimester with each, always when her normal period would have been due. The pregnancies continued unaffected. She also had trouble with pregnancy tests, in that her tests were never positive until she was at least six weeks along. A Dr once suggested that she takes a long time to build up sufficient levels of HCG to show up on a urine test. My question is, although I know it doesn’t sound good, and anything could have happened, is there any hope? Anyone with early bleeding, or early miscarriage who can help me determine whether this is likely to have been a miscarriage or not? Please, is there hope, or what? I can’t take another pregnancy test till next week, and the wondering is driving me nuts.


cara - June 18

Ally, I got my period when I thought I was about 2 weeks preg, though the test keep coming up negative, I really felt like I was pregnant. My doctor said that there is a 50% chance of miscarriage if you bleed while pregnant and 50% chance you won't miscarry. I think I did in fact miscarry because my period has been very heavy and severe cramps. Hope all goes well with you.


Ally - June 20

Hi Cara, thank you very much for answering me. Can I ask how long the bleeding lasted for you? By the way I have since taken another test, which is also negative. I still feel different though.



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