Clubfoot My Baby May Have Bilateral Club Feet

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bm - January 14

Hi Ladies, I was told that my baby will likely have bilateral club feet? Has anyone gone through this or could share some info. I had two miscarriages in 2006 and this is the first time that we make it to the 17thW and this would be our first child; so we really need some good news. We are also waiting for the amnio results because we heard that many times club feet area a marker for other major genetic problems. Of course we are hoping that this is something just physical and that can be fixed. Any info, experiences with this issue would be great to hear. Thanks! And good luck to everyone with your pregnancies or TTC.


iemc19 - January 14

Hi - My nephew was born with a form of this..- his foot was twisted inwards and upwards - .asides from his foot he was perfectly healthy and now at 3 you would never know that he spent most of his first year in a cast - just to re-align his foot - he was never operated on - and after the 6/8 weeks of cast he wore 'special shoes' , they were attached to a board and kept his foot in perfect alignment...With his physio and these 'less invasive' treatments it took a total of about 9/10 months to sort out...


bm - January 15

Thanks for your response! It is encouraging to hear those stories. We have been doing a lot of reading and all the doctors describe the treatment the same way that you did but it it more real for me if I hear from people who really experienced it. Thanks!


Skylarlynn - February 26

My son is 15 years old. he was born with his right foot being clubbed. from the first day of birth til he was 1 yrs old he wore a cast. then surgery on the ankle and a cast for another 8 weeks. He then wore leg brace until he was 5 or 6 yrs old. It didnt stop him and he walks normal, he even played soccer and football..with todays medical they can do more for them:)



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