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Nica - May 4 10:37am

Hi, I had a misccarige in March and am preg again but worried, of course, about miscarriage. Can you buy progesterone at the pharmacy without a prescription? I'm not able to see my doc to tell him I'm pregnant for another week and I'm scared I'll lose this one before then.

Kim - May 4 12:00pm

I bought progesterone cream from Walmart, but I believe it's synthetic, and it says it's for menopause. But it would probably hold you until you see the dr. I guess natural progesterone is the best.

MWAT - May 4 12:04pm

As far as I know you need a prescription, but I have not checked out drug stores. Maybe go to the pharmacy and ask. Also, I would call the doctor to ask if there are supplements that you could use that are safe until you see your Dr.

Sandy - May 4 1:16pm

You can buy Natural prodesterone at health food store I believe or off line But NOT anything else.....synthetic could cause birth defects


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