Dr Says Im Going To Miscarriage

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victorya - August 12

hi everyone ..i am new here.. i just found out i am pregnant i am actually early bout 4 weeks 2 days..i went to the er yesterday cause i had nausea real bad and back ache..to make a long story short they did an u/s and blood work ..dr. told me my hcg level is at 903 and is very low and he didnt see a fetal pole or cardiac activity..now i have been reading alot that it is normal to not see much at thi stage..the dr was cruel .he said ur gonna lose it..i let the er devasted.i went to an obgyn and they are gonna run my levels again in a few days to see if they are doubling.hcg 903 ,thats low?? gestation age would only be a few weeks. my lmp was july 12,2008.im confused no cramping or bleeding.can someone tell me whats going on ...thank you


clindholm - August 12

That's terrible! If your lmp was only on 7/12, you are only 4 weeks 3 days and there would not be a heartbeat at that stage. The hcg levels for 5 weeks (you are just over 4) is 19-7340 so you are in the range. Also the fetal pole is not usually present as early as you are. I don't know if the doctor saw something else to suspect a miscarriage but the info you have does not seem to be out of the normal range. I would call a regular doctor and tell them what happened and see if they can see you right away. Good luck.


victorya - August 12

thank you so much for your input..clindholm..i have stressed out so bad.yes i do have an obgyn who is gonna do more testing tomorrow.. im just going to pray


clindholm - August 12

yes, prayer helps ALOT. I'm hoping you just had an idiot for a doc. If it was the er, it's possible that this doctor just is not familiar with early pregnancy like an ob is. The bloodwork should help show if the hcg is doubling every 48 hours. Hopefully your doctor will have the info and scan from your er visit to review. Are you having another scan tomorrow? Please let me know how you make out tomorrow. Colleen


victorya - August 12

i am getting another blood test tomorrow to see if my levels are going up ..so we shall see i will let you know.actually u are right about the dr.he was a dr a__sistant lol


clindholm - August 13

Victorya- Did you hear anything from your tests yet? I'm praying for you.


victorya - August 13

hello...well i went to my obgyn and she said my hcg level is very normal..she doesnt feel i need any testing for another two weeks cause i am early and she even said she wouldnt see anything on an u/s..she doesnt understand why that stupid dr in the er would even tell me that c___p lol..so yes i am very relieved for now ..im taking it day by day..i got to go back in two weeks and perhaps we will see the little one and see a heart beat..still prayin !! keep u updated


clindholm - August 14

That's great! I'm so happy for you, please post when you get the results! Colleen



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