Ectopic Pregnancy Methotraxate Injection Anyone

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nikki_j - February 8

I'd love to hear about your experience if you've had an ectopic pregnancy and went through medical treatment of methotraxte injections and not surgery?


Mary - February 9

My name is Mary and I had Methotraxte. I had a tubal in my right tube. My first shot ended up not being enough so I had to get another shot. After that shot me and my huband waited 6 months and we got pregnant again. It ended up being a miscarriage.


Tara - February 9

I had methotraxte and it didn't work for me i was 8 weeks and 3 days after the methotraxte my left tube ruptured and i lost so much blood i almost died. I did have surgery to have the tube removed. I was told to wait 3 months before trying again so the methotraxte would be out of my body. Six months later we got pregnant again and i am now 14 weeks and everything seems to be going ok.


nikki_j - February 10

Thank you both for your responses. Mary, I'm sorry about your miscarriage and hope that things will work out if you and your husband should decide to try again. Tara, congratulations on being 14 weeks. I hope everything continues to go well for you. I got the injection on Wed 2/8 and will go back for a follow up on Tues 2/14. Tara, did you have any signs before your tube ruptured or did you just start bleeding? Thanks again for responding.


Tara - February 10

nikki_j the signs i had for the ectopic was bleeding lightly but i had no signs that my tube was going to ruptured. It just happen and i was in so much pain i just droped to the floor and was rushed to the hospital. They said if i was 5 mins later i wouldn't have made it. It was very scary i was in ICU for 3 days.


nikki_j - February 10

Wow! Oh my! I am glad you came out okay. Take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. I wish you well.



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