Hcg Levels Low Rising But Not Doubling Bleeding

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jenjerbre - February 22

Took 2 urine tests Sunday night-faint positives on both. Called the dr. and he said come in first thing monday morning (this is because i had a tubal ligation less than a year ago). Took another urine test that morning at home and another one when i got to the dr.-both were faint positives. He sent me for blood work and the hcg was 7. He said he wanted to do another test on Wed. I started spotting on monday and had heavy bleeding on Tuesday. I had the blood test on wed and the hcg was 9. Wed. and today the bleeding has been minimal. Why did my hcg go up after so much bleeding? Why are they so low and why aren't they doubling?


hailey07 - February 25

Well my hcG the first week that I found out I was pregnant was 49. It decreased to 44, then I miscarried a day later. I have to say that if you were late for your period and your hcG was only 9, that seems extremely low. How did you get a positive hpt? Anyway my hcG level stayed the same and actually increased to 45 a few days after the miscarriage. My doctor said that sometimes that just happens because not all the tissue was released. Has your doctor told you whether or not he thinks that you may have miscarried? So sorry if this does noe end well, and congratulations if it does! Keeps us posted.


jenjerbre - March 1

I used the first response early result pregnancy test and the line was definately there even at 7! Well, my hcg went from a 9 (2-21) to 11 (2-26) !! The dr says its sounding like a tubal pregnancy, but he has never seen numbers like this!! He hasn't done a pelvic exam or anything! I'm about ready to get a second opinion. He wants more blood work on 3-5 to see what the numbers do. Maybe i had an incomplete miscarriage? Do i need a pelvic exam or something?? I'll let you know what happens on monday!!



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