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Is Mild Cramping In Abdomen During The First Trimester And Not In Just One Place And Lower Back Pain Normal

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Nina - November 5 5:26am

I am four weeks and two days pregnant.I experienced a severe period pain ,backache and bleed a little.As per doctor Fetus is ok.Today I am having brown discharge without pain.I am really worried.Is it possible to expect a miscarriage.

Trish - November 9 11:26am

We have been trying for a baby for over a year but I have had a very irregular cycle. I bought an ovulation kit and detected my LH surge on Sat 30th Oct. On the 5th Nov I noticed a browny coloured discharge and then a pinky/dark red colour. It was no way heavy like a period. I have had cramps in my stomach for 2/3 days. A pregnancy test yesterday was negative but I will have tested too soon. I have also had lower back-ache. Could the discharge be implantation bleeding or did it come too soon after conception if I did conceive. What does any-one think? Please let me know. This site is just such a great help and rea__surance. Still have the cramps today but no back-ache!!!! Help!!

jodi - November 10 8:43pm

I had a miscarriage a week ago, and
I have had the worst lower back pain I have ever felt today. Could this be bad?

Erica - November 12 3:28am

Hey Trish----I think we must be on the same cycle. I tested on the 4th and the 8th and both were negative. I have been having the aches in my abdomen and the brown/pink discharge since the sixth...I also have lower back pain. If we conceived on Oct. 30th...then is it still too early to test? I either want to be pregnant or bleed...none of this in between stuff.

ironbarkjill - November 12 8:10am

cramping topic is popular... seems to be some sort of medical secret? Anyway, i have two kids, had two miscarriages (in a row)... (cramping AND bleeding being the sign) Now at the ripe age of 43 i have managed to get pregnant (one romantic weekend of unprotected s_x) and am finding this site great... each pregancy is different, i am about 3 weeks from conception now and and have a bit of crampy feeling, funny though, didn't have it until i did the pregnancy test.... could be pyschological in my case i think...

Joanne - November 17 5:20pm

I have seen a couple young teens scared about being pregnant on here and I just want to say that its not the end of the world. Consider yourself blessed because so many woman try but cant have a baby. I had my son when I was 16 and he is now 9 years old. My life is not ruined. I finished school, completed a couple course and last year was accepted to study Law. For a teenager who is on the wrong track finding out your pregnant is a shock but it could change your life in a positive way. Before my son I was on a bad road and having him made me re evaluate my life. If I hadnt had him who knows where I would have ended up. To all the other pregnant woman on here, Congratulations!! I had really bad cramps with my son and was so paranoid I was going to miscarry. Its ridiculous the amount of trips I made to the emergency room! Good luck to you all!! Joanne, Sydney Australia - November 18 5:07pm

I am now 16.5 weeks, and I have had moderate cramping (but no bleeding) from the beginning. I was very concerned and called my OB, who informed me that the cramps were most likely due to stretching ligaments since my uterus was expanding. I think back pain also has something to do with that, but my b___sts have also grown almost 2 full cup sizes (now a 38 H) and I'm pretty sure that is the source of my back pain. But if you aren't bleeding, I wouldn't worry too much...You'll just drive yourself crazy.

Leslie - November 19 12:29pm

I as 7 weeks along and this is my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy and birth were normal. I have been having cramping and constipation and I am really bloated. It's nice to hear I'm not the only one.

Kristina - November 20 7:20pm

I had a miscarrige 2 yrs ago. Now I think I'm 5 weeks pregnant. (prg test possitive)but mild cramps for about 1 week also pinkish discharge. I'm very scared and I'll see the doctor on Mon. This site gives me hope and now I know I'm not alone. God Bless U All

jacqui - November 21 5:05pm

hi im just 5 weeks pregnant and experiencing leg cramps very sore tingly breats and a pain in my tummy on and off around my belly b___ton arera,also tummy cramps is this normal,the pain is a bit like a stich,

maria - November 22 1:17pm

I am 51/2 weeks pregnant, miscarried recently at 18 weeks in May. I am having cramps and feeling pressure in my lower abdomen. I never felt this before, but sounds like its normal

jac - November 22 5:49pm

i also had severe cramping with my last pregnancy, it ended up being a corpus luteum cyst, which may be a normal part of pregnancy as it provides the embryo it's hormones for the first trimester before the placenta takes over

do you constipate? - November 22 9:12pm

Sometime if you happen to experience a long term constipation it might cause a stomach cramps. As for solution, eats more fibre and fruits. - November 22 11:51pm

In my second preganacy my placenta at birth was brown and greenish with a odor what caused that.

Lisa - November 23 3:07am

it sounds like a miscarriage you should have it checked out by your doctor

ruqi - November 24 3:44am

I am 6 weeks pregnant. From what my cousin used to tell me, stomache cramps happen when you work too hard/tough or travel too much. If this happen so, you should take more rest and practice some yoga exercise for a pregnancing mother. Good luck.


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