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himmaugh504 - October 20th, 2008 5:21 PM

I am in shock....I can't believe this!!! I am buying a test as soon as I get out of this office. I am in New Orleans. I am twenty six, separated from my soon to be ex husband and am in a relationship with somone else. I have two girls ages 3 and one and my boyfriend has two childrens from his previous marraige. I am not ready for another child. My divorce papers aren't even final. I have had my mirena since december of 07. I'm in shock...I will keep you posted. This is nuts....My symtoms are headaches and weighgain with lots of slimy discharge and pink streaking....what the hell am i going to do.

Melody - October 23rd, 2008 3:34 PM

I'm hoping that I am just being paranoid but after reading this forum I now am not sure what to do. I have had the mirena iud since July of 2005. I stopped having periods in the winter of that first year so it has been almost three years since my last real period. I have had occasional cramping and spotting. In July of this year I had some serious cramping and a really thick dark brown discharge for a day or two. I was feeling awful (tired, migraines, naseauted) and so I took a hpt just to be on the safe side. It was negative so I didn't worry. Now it's almost four months later and I have gained about 25 pounds. My stomach is really hard just like it was when I was pregnant and I am either hallucinating or I am starting to feel baby kick when I lay on the couch in the evenings. I googled and found this thread so I took another hpt yesterday. Negative again. I feel like an idiot calling my doctor to tell him even though I have an IUD which he calls 99% reliable and I have failed two hpts I think I am pregnant. The health department in my city only does urine tests for pregnancy, no blood tests so I doubt that would show up positive cause that's basically the same as an hpt, right?
AUGHGHGHGH!!! I already have four kids (two bios and two steps which I have full custody of) and I am only 27. My husband is gonna freak out if I am preggers. Help!

Mrs. Dameron - October 24th, 2008 8:40 PM

I have had the Mirena IUD since March of this year after having my daughter in January. I have had long periods ever since, like 2weeks at a time, atleast. And horribly cramps and migraines, not to mention the horrible pain I had when they put it in, made me throw up during the insertion. Anyways besides that, my dr. told me to check for the strings once a month, I have been doing that but up until today I havent felt them but my husband had, now I fear that it is falling out because the strings are so close they feel really long. Anyone else had this happen? And if so do you think that its coming out?>
Oh and I took an hpt today bc i coulda swore i've been feeling a baby kicking me, weird, but it came back negative, but so did the pregnancy tests i took when i was 2 months preggers with my daughter, so idk. Oh and I have 2 already ,,, a 2yr old and a 9month old.

Thanks -

pizzazzyjazzy - October 28th, 2008 4:43 PM

Here's my story. I have had my Paraguard in place since July 1, 2008. I had my third child in mid May. In late August I noticed I had been sleeping a whole lot (tell-tell sign that I'm pregos)! I thought it was due to me starting a new job. NOPE! I took a pregnancy test and it came back POSITIVE. You do the math...I got pregnant THREE months after having my son! My doc said I was the 1% that the IUD failed on. He advised that if he removed the IUD the pregnancy would more than likely result in a miscarriage. Although this was not a planned pregnancy both my husband and I agreed that removing the IUD would be like having an abortion. I am 10weeks pregnant and the only complication that I have right now is bleeding. I have light and heaving bledding. Doc assured me yesterday that that is a result of my IUD irritating my uterus. I was able to see my baby moving it's arms...looks like a little alien! Good luck to all.

dark-kitty25 - November 10th, 2008 7:54 PM

I have been having the same symptoms, I even asked my midwife who does my pap and she stated to me that it was impossible.. Well the stories I read I'm glad that there are women who have or going through the same experience as me. I kept asking her and same story everytime. Im scared that I maybe pregnant now. I don't believe in abortion I don't want to end a life that has started. I suggest no one to get a Mirena IUD. If I am pregnant I'm getting a lawyer!!! Mirena sucks!

dmarie4783 - November 11th, 2008 2:16 PM

It's been great reading through all these posts! I've read through other forum topics, specifically those whos test come back negative, but still feel pregnant. I've learned that some people do not even show up positive on a pregnancy test, urine or blood, until WELL into their pregnancy. Is that true with Mirena too? I am on mirena and have been for a year and a half. Throughout that time, I have not been regular... all summer didn't have a period. August, Sept, Oct, I DID have a period... 29-30 day cycle. My period should come today or tomorrow if I am on track. However, my last period, Oct 12, was very light, pinkish, brownish and didn't even need a pad... just when I wiped. The next few weeks I was EXTREMELY tired, just wanted to sleep forever! Also was feeling depressed, which I felt with my other kids in the very beginning. I was also feeling a little dizzy and was getting mild headaches(not like me). Finally got past that extreme tiredness stage, still tired, not too bad though. Then I started feeling a little nautious every so often. Pregnancy tests came back negative. I have 2 kids so I know what pregnancy feels like... and I feel pregnant. Then this last week, little nautious, breasts started feeling larger and kinda felt like milk coming in, though not quite as sore(I breastfed, so I know what it feels like). I squeezed one of my nipples and tiny dot of clearish/milky liquid came out! Is that normal? Also today when I wiped my nose, tiny amount of pinkish blood. About 2 days ago, I wiped and a long, thick slightly tinted yellowish strand of cm came out. Pregnancy related? I have also gained about 3 lbs in the last month. Anyways, pregnancy tests keep coming back negative, and also like I said I have mirena, so chance of being pregnant is very slim. I am waiting to see if AF will show up this week, and if not, I will take some more tests, and then see the OBGYN next week. Mostly I am worried about it since you are supposed to get mirena removed ASAP if you are pregnant. I don't necessarily want to be pregnant! , hence the mirena, but wouldn't mind. So could be all in my head, but only time will tell! What do you think, am I pregnant, and why won't it show up? Also if you go on ebay you can get pregnancy tests that have the same sensitivity as FR tests. 50 test strips for $15! Just make sure you get the ones with 25 ml sensitivity. I'll keep you all updated! God bless!

Lunitasonia - November 20th, 2008 3:47 PM

Hey grls! well i have many questions and concerns!!! I got my Minera IUD inserted after having my 1st baby, i got it in Sept 07 i didnt get my period until may 08.. since then i've gotten weird cycles some of them would last from like 2 weeks or some of them may last for up to 5days... now im not sure if im pregnant.... at the same time since i got it inserted i have not been able to lost my babyweight and i've gained over 20Lbs in the last year... so this is the deal... i been having pain in my lower abdomen and i been feeling like im hungry alot.. unlike most of u i didnt get any morning sickness or vomiting i didnt feel a thing... one thing was that i got really hungry.. now its been like about two months and for the past mayb 3-4 weeks i've been feeling really hungry with back ache im not sure if i could be pregnant.. i know one thing for sure is that im getting my IUD out Dec 1st.. Wat do u guys thinks? I'm not sure i i could be pregnant or maybe is just me... also i feel like my boobs have gotten a lil bigger i mean i've always been on the small size (A) and i see them just a lil bigger and idk about the color of my nipples i feel they around it part is getting darker like from when i started! ... SORRY ABOUT MY LONG STORY!....please help!

Keirasmummy1 - November 25th, 2008 1:23 AM

I had mirena put in only about 3-4 wks ago and starting when i got it i have bled since heavy now sorta light. but about a wk ago i started feeling nausea, and pain in my lower stomach. i could smell different things from a different room. i feel like im pregant agian i just had my daughter 2 months ago. im scared i have been searching all night and i found more than 20 women have become pregnant with mirena, some loosing the child. get checked. also if you take a hpt and it comes up negitvie still tell your doctor how your feeling more then half of the women got neg. results with them. so have i. i would get checked you don't want anything to happen to you or your unborn child. anyone else have more info please don't hesitate to give it to me please. -sandra

sierrachristlieb - November 26th, 2008 10:58 AM

hey i need some advice. i have never had a problem with long periods in the past. i have had the iud since feb of 08. at first when i had it i bled alot...then it turned to spotting irregularly like 3 weeks out of the month. well just in the past 3 months i have been bleeding for a long time during my period. for example in september i bled for 3 weeks, then in october i bled for like 2 and a half weeks, now i just got over my period and it lasted like 1 and a half weeks. now i am not super heavy or anything, but with my period comes cramping. it will start like 2 or 3 days before my period and last all through my period. well i just got over my period like 3 days ago and i am still cramping down there, but its not feeling like a period cramp. its a consistent cramp thats not unbearable but uncomfortable. being i just go over my period i am going to assume that i am not pregnant but do you think that the iud is not right for me? i am really hesitant on going to the doctors because my husband and i just lost our health ins. in september and were not going to get it back for a little over a month. and suggestions?

babydoll7987 - November 28th, 2008 9:45 PM

Oh wow. I am so glad i found this sight! I got my IUD in January 2008 and haven't really had any problems with it. I had the paraguard IUD first back in 2007 after i had my 3rd child and had it taken out in July/August because it was causing my menstruals to be sooo heavy...(soaking super plus' in less than an hour) I've always been use to 3 day periods so 7 days of bleeding like that was HELL! Well anyway after i got it out September we had a pregnancy scared which resulted in a miscarriage and we opted to get back on something ASAP...While all three of my children were birth control babies, after a few months of the pill we decided to get serious and try the Mirena IUD. My periods became lighter immediately but still lasting 7 days. I've had my normal period every month for the past 10/11 months but this last month (November) it was just "barely" there? It was just a lite, pinkish show at first and then it somewhat turned dark but it just didn't seem like what i'd call my period? Now for the past few weeks and a few weeks leading up to my "period" i feel nauseated, bloated, and urinate quite frequently? It's hard to tell if i am though because i have been recently diagnosed with a hernia (not a painful one though i don't think) Its just so hard to determine one thing from another? Does anyone have any advice on this who has been pregnant while using the IUD before or may have thought they were and experienced the same thing? If so let me know plz. E-mail me at Yahoo - l3eautiful_disaster2007

texpartyof5 - December 1st, 2008 4:29 PM

Hello all, I'm new here... ok well I want to start off by saying I have had my copper IUD for almost 5 years now and have loved it. I have had irregular periods but end up having a period every months regardless... Until NOW! I totally missed the month of november! I haven't really had any other pregnancy symptoms other than missed period and being extra sleepy. My other symptom that I have noticed and my boyfriend has also noticed is that I have been very hot lately. My face and body feels like a slight fever but I don't feel sick., and I am literally burning up sometimes, like I need a fan or a/c. This is very odd for me because I am always cold and have a sweater on. So should I take a pregnancy test? and when? or could this be something else? THX :)

lexie243roses - December 2nd, 2008 6:13 PM

I have taken a few test at home and they have been neg. I also have the mirena.but after reading all this I am going to the doc tonight. I called them yesterday and they said that a blood test is the same as a pee test. I have been having weird moving in my lower part of my tummy at night and now in the morning.I called the doc and they told me it was just a twith if I tood hpt and it said neg I am fine.I all ready have 2 kids so I know this is not gas or a twitch. But if I am pregnant I would have to be a ways along to feel movement. Kinda freeked out.Like Melody I got my IUD in 2005 and my periods have just kinda stopped unless every few months I spot and thats it so I wouldnt even know if I missed one and am not prego. Anyone have any advice?

princezz051 - December 8th, 2008 2:24 PM

Hello all- I'm new to the forum. I came across this site when doing research on the risk of pregnancy with an IUD. I've had my MIrena in since August 200 (after 2nd child). I've been really concerned because I, like texpartyof5, had had regular "periods" for the past 2 years until now...I completely missed NOV. I keep telling myself that my intermitent nausea, headaches, increased hunger are caused by the flu or something else but now I'm not so sure. I'm deathly afraid of taking a test cuz I think a small part of me wants to be pg and if I am not it would be more stressful (not knowing what's wrong) and kind of a let down...Any advice?

snugglystar - December 8th, 2008 7:38 PM

I am experiencing all of the pregnancy signs, but two hpg have come back negative. Has anyone else had the same problem and was really pregnant? Please help!!!

jessicapena87 - December 15th, 2008 1:01 AM

PLEASE HELP! I'm crying as I write this...I don't really know why.... I got the IUD in August 2008 and I've been getting regular periods since then..always on the 12th. I didn't get it this month and even though its only been a few days I've been having "symptoms". I've gained 10 pounds in two months (went up to pant size 12 from an 8 in two months)! I've been having pinkish brownish disharge and I threw up after I had intercourse with my husband(which I only do when I'm pregnant)! I've been real tired and emotional. I cry for ANYTHING!!! My friends say I'm overreacting! I feel so alone. I'm going to feel for the strings tonight. Please help i need support that I'm not losing my mind. My husband and I already have 2 kids! Oh and I've been cramping and gassy for the past few days. Thank you so much and God Bless.

zoe1985 - December 16th, 2008 11:27 AM

I also think i could be pregnant and with a 5yr old a 14month old and a marriage that is on the rocks this is the last thing i need right now.I know i should do a test but im scared of what the result will be argh i cant believe this is hapening i got the mirena coil in january 08.


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