Possible Tubal

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Dianna - January 24

Hi, I had a tubal ligation two years ago. About a year ago, I had severe, severe pain with my period. I never have pain and my periods are usually the same- 1 to 2 days. Since that time, about two months ago, I had the same pain on the right hand side and just to the right side, but below my belly button. I have had my period for both months, but it feels as if something has changed. And, I can feel a slight pushing on my right hand side of my abdomen only when I straighten my back. I have never had a tubal pregnancy, but could it be possible to still have your period and have a growing baby in a tube?? Confused. Dianna


Carolyn - January 28

I would suggest you to call your doctor immediately. I justed suffered from a tubal pregnancy and I am very thankful to be alive. I was 9 wks pregnant and did not know due to always being late and my periods were never regular. I was told by doctors that I may never get pregnant, so I gave up. After being 4 wks late, I started bleeding. I thought it was my period until I was going on my 3rd week of slight bleeding. I was having lower abdominal pain, pain when bowels would move, and even started pa__sing out from the pain. Doctor immediately admitted me to hospital on 1/10 @ 5pm and by 10 pm that nite, I was beginning to pa__s out every time I attempted to get out of bed. By 11pm, I was being prepped for emergency surgery. I lost my right tube and ovary. The pain in the abdomin was internal bleeding and I lost 2 1/2 pints of blood. This is a serious condition, so please get to doctor asap. Some women have lost their lives to this. I'm not a doctor, just a sufferer from a tubal pregnancy. I hope your symtoms are not a tubal but you do need medical attention. Any kind of pain, such as what you are going through is not normal. Best regards!


Carolyn - January 28

I could not get my email to accept, I'm trying again.



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