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norma padilla - May 21 8:23pm

hi i had a tubal ligation done in feb 05 i all ready have 4 girls thire ages are 5,4,2 and 9 mths. yet i am pregnant again with triplets can anyone give me advice?

andrea - May 21 8:36pm

for norma: depending on what kind of tubal you had the chances of getting pregnant are higher meaning the tubal failed and depends on how old you are when you get it the younger the higher failure rate

norma padilla - May 21 8:49pm

andrea i am 21 years old i had my tubes burt cut and tied and yet this happend i am very scared

Jeannie - May 21 8:51pm

Like I said the other day I had my tubes tied a year and a half ago. I found out I was pregnant and lost it, the dr said I should not try to get pregnant, but I want another so bad what should I do???

SAM - May 22 4:28am


Sandy - May 22 7:22am

To all you girls who have had a tubal, i had mine done 4 years ago and i am pregnant, it can happen. I am in the process of finding out if it is an ectopic pregnancy or if i will have a healthy pregnancy.

for norma; - May 22 2:38pm

i hope everything goes well and you have no complications. if you need to talk we are all here for you

andrea - May 22 2:42pm

im still showing signs of being pregnant i am getting a round stomach and im dizzy tired and nautiouse they took a urine test at the hospital and it said i wasnt but now i heard that they dont always work can my hormones are out of control and i have not felt this way since i got the falope rings put on my tubes is there a possibility im not pregnant but that they came undone and my estergen and my hormones are raging because they came undone and how do you tell or can you please let me know

Regina - May 22 3:06pm

I hsd a tubel reversal, what are my chances to have a baby?

Yasmine - May 23 1:41am

I had my tubes done in youngest now 5..I am 29 yrs old
The last time i had my period was 3/25/05 now its 5/23/05....I spotted light pink for the last two days and thats it. I ve gained some weight and have been feeling a little bit sick lately..Should I take a preg test?

Yasmine - May 23 1:43am

My tubes were burned...

Paula - May 23 10:09am

For Yasmine - take a HPT girl? If you feel you might be and you have had a tubal (any kind) you need to find out right away. If you are it has a high chance of being an ectopic pg and it could be fatal to you.

For Norma - OH MY GOSH! Hon we all wish you the best of luck. Having one when you weren't prepared for it is one thing but to have triplets when you thought you were done having kids. That's tough!

To the girl who had a tender abdomen and other signs of preg get to a doctor soon. A tender abdomen might mean a tubal pg.

Saroyce - May 23 3:28pm

To all that have posted that are pregnant, I pray that the baby is in your uterus not your tubes. Well, I have an appointment on the 27th for a check-up on my physical, but, I am going to tell the doctor about all the symptoms that i am having right now. I have had a lot of pregnancy symptoms for the past two weeks. My b___st are tender and stinging now. I am REAL sleepy, I have headaches everyday, Lower back pain. Cramps that subside with laying down, hunger pains in the morning, and side pain where my ovary is. I remember with my last pregnancy, I had that same ovary pain up until I was about three months pregnant. My husband seems to think I am pregnant because he is having the same crazy dreams that he had with all three pregnancies, and I am looking quite big. So, I don't think I am because the changes are slim. I really want another baby and I pray everynight for a miracle. But, I will try to keep everyone posted about what happens. Thanks!

maria - May 23 3:44pm

I was wondering who i could contact i was in an abusive relationship had 3 children but problem I am with a new man and wish to have a baby can anyone PLEASE give me some advice greatly appreciated thanks

dee - May 23 11:52pm

what is the difference between a typical miscarriage and an eptopic pregnancy?

Paula - May 24 10:15am

Stephanie - I would suggest you get on the pill or some other form of birth control and make sure you know your partner well.


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