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Geoa - June 5

Hello everyone I am new here, and wanted some reassurance. I recently got pregnant the 1st time trying which i thought was a blessing but then 5 days later after I got my results that i was pregnant i felt like what was the same as my period but a lot more bleeding and cramps i went to emergency and they confirmed it was a miscarriage as my HCG level was at 7. The thing is when i went to my doctors 5 days previous to going to emergency my level was only 43 at 5 weeks and he never once said that was too low for 5 weeks but after researching a lot online (which i have come to discover online is actaully more helpful than an actual DR) they say that 43 is way too low for 5 weeks and that it should of been very high number. I am very sad at this time but then i read other peoples posts and feel so guilty as people are going through so much especially after hearing there babies heart beat and then getting that terrible news. My heart goes out to everyone. I keep thinking that maybe it was because it was the first time i tryed to get pregant that this happened and then i want to try again but have this fear that a misscariage could happen at any time now i feel paranoid and always stressed. If anyone has some advice or has had a similar experience has anyone fell pregnant the first time trying then miscarriaged?


greeneys88 - June 5

I am sry to hear of your loss I just had a miscarriage as well at 4 weeks and yes your doctor should have informed you that your HCG levels were low to begin with. But my dr that I just saw after the miscarriage said that MOST women have miscarriages (at least one in their life) but it doesn't mean that you can't get pregnant... I was told that I could try again after my next normal period. Most likely the same goes for you I would probably wait a few months though just to get over the emotional toll that miscarriages have on us. But you should look up online why miscarriages happen. it has to do with the DNA being wrong... there is nothing you could have done to prevent it and your doctor should have informed you from the start what was happening I am very sry for your loss I know what you are going through I am going through the same thing. I went in on friday for bleeding, found out I was pregnant (3weeks-60 HCG) then they told me because of the bleeding I could be going through a miscarriage but they weren't certain so I went in Monday to see the HCG levels, they went down to 41 which means I am having a miscarriage. I knew from the start what was going on because I told my doctors not to sugar coat anything. Sometimes you have to press them. It sucked but at the same time I was glad that I had some Dr that actually were honest and gave me a little bit of hope even though it was a small chance. I would advise you to get through this one and when you feel ready (after your next normal period) try again! and good luck!


Geoa - June 5

Thanks so much for your post im also very sorry for your is a hard time and yes i am in the process of trying to find a reliable honest doctor for the next time i try again. Thanks i wish you heaps of luck for you when you are ready aseell :)



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