Should I Have A D C M C In Process

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Stefani - February 11

Sad news today. I found out yesterday that my numbers are going down, after a week of hoping our baby would make it. This is miscarriage #2 for me. My last m/c was super early and started and was over within 3 days. This time I was a little further along, and things are moving slow. I am scared. My husband doesn't want me to have a D/C...and I don't really want one either. However I am concerned about how long this can take? I am worried about the process. Has anyone had it take time...was it safe....what is allowed? Is a D/C horrible? I just don't know what to do at this point. I should be 9 wk...but last weeks ultrasound only came up the baby wasn't growing as it should. Knowing the baby is gone and the m/c hasn't fully happened is hard. Any advice?


ekay - February 11

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. At this point I would probably just let your body do it's work. I know how hard it is trust me. If youv'e pa__sed clots, you probably already pa__sed to sac and stuff. I bled for about 2 weeks with my miscarriage even though all the tissue came out the first night. I am sure everyone is different. In my opinion, if you were to chose a d/c now, you are putting yourself at risk for other complications (infection, doctor screwup etc.) Since your body has already started, I would just let it finish. I am sure your next pregnancy will be successful. Don't lose hope just because you had 2 m/c in a row. Once again, I am truly sorry.


Stefani - February 11

Thank you. It's hard but I am hanging in there. I have decided to have the D/C. I want to make sure everything is clean and the tissue can be tested. I don't want to go through this again if I can avoid it. Any info they can obtain would help. Plus I would just feel healthier since this is my 2nd m/c. I appreciate you thoughts and your well wishes. God bless!


ekay - February 11

That makes sense. If you can nip any problems in the b___t before it happens again, I think that is a good idea. Good luck little lady!


Stefani - February 11

Ekay~ Thanks. You and all your posts have been very helpful and a true blessing. I will keep you posted. Hopefully next time I will be able to carry a baby to term. God bless!


Nicole - February 15

I am currently going through a m/c. I started spotting then moderately bleeding 13 days ago. I found out only 5 days ago ( 8 wks pregnant) that my baby's heart stopped beating. From the onset of finding this out 5 days ago, the bleeding/cramping became heavier until I pa__sed the baby yesterday then the bleeding lightened up with no cramping. When I found out the baby died, my doctor advised it was a personal choice to have a D/C immediately or wait to see if you pa__s the pregnancy naturally. She told me I could wait 7-10 days to see if I completed the miscarriage on my own before returning to the office to discuss a DC. I chose to wait and see and I pa__sed everything on my own. You can expect a heavier period like bleeding with on/off intense cramping. Ibruprofen helped a lot and my doctor offered stronger pain meds if I needed it. If after 7-10 days you haven't started to fully miscarry I would suggest a DC to prevent infection. My doctor also advised there was medicine available to open the cervix to promote bleeding/cramping if you desire to pa__s the pregnancy naturally. You may want to discuss this with your doctor. Good Luck.


Ashley - February 19

I miscarried at 9 weeks also with the baby being on 6 weeks. It is now 4 weeks later and I am still going in for blood work to track my levels. I did get my period this week and they said the rest should come out but it hasn't. They are telling me more blood work and maybe another ultrasound and/or a [email protected] Some things never end. I almost wish I had the [email protected] right away so that I could move on. Good luck.


Fran - March 19

I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and opted for the D/C. The procedure took an hour and I was home within half an hour of coming out of surgery. I did not have any pain and the bleeding was only slight. I would definitely recommend the D/C as I have heard of women getting terrible UTI's and having a lot of trouble with their periods. It has also put my mind at ease that everything is gone and I am now safe to move on and try for another baby. Good luck, I hope my advise is useful.



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