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cher59105 - March 9

It took me two days to read everything in here. Wow some of the things I have read and seen. There is still one burning question that I have seen in here alot but no answers. Can one get pregnant with the Spring Clamps? I am going to make my story long as I feel it is a very touching story and hope everyone doesn't get mad at me for posting it in here. Here goes. Back in Mar of 05 I met this wonderful man, we got together we dated for almost 3 months, he then went back to his ex as he had a child with her and felt that he needed to be there for the baby and I didn't stand in the way of that. I moved out and moved into a motel, come to find out a week after moving into the motel I was pregnant, wow was I shocked and scared all at the same time, well I was under alot of stress due to him finding out I was as I didn't want him to know, and her of all people. Well they found out and I was getting h__l for it. I was also working very hard as I didn't have to work before this. I lost the baby at 7 weeks along. I went about my life as usual, he came around in Oct. of 05 and was with me for about a week and left, then we started talking again in nov of 06 and we got back together. I was having my cycles as usual, until Jan. that is. We had intercourse in Feb. and he decided he didn't want me to get here it is Mar. 07 and I have not had a cycle since Jan 24th of this year. I like others am very scared of taking a test as I don't want to look like an idiot. I have been having so I thought, pre menstral symptoms ( sore br___ts, cramping, lower back pain, breaking out, bloated) Well I have been reading in here and they can also be pregnancy signs...hmmm....I get this sickly feeling once in a while but then it goes away. My nipples are very tender this month and a little purplish. That is about the only difference. I have been getting cramps off and on for about a week now. I feel like I am going to start and I don't. I am having some discharge, white non smelly and no itching. I usually get that right before I start though. I got fixed in Mar. of 97, 6 weeks after my last child.( that has been 10 years ago now) I am a single mother ( well and have a very limited income, I wouldn't mind having another child but then again I got fixed for a reason. My children are g 14, boy 12, and g 10. I am now 37 years of age. I am a little concerned as I have gotten pregnant in the past with the same mans child. The cramping that I have been having isn't painful enough to even bother about a tubal pregnancy, they are normal menstral cramps then they go away after a while. So the burning question I have is the failure rate of the Spring Clamp and is it possible that I am pregnant. I am 13 days late and the last time I was this late I was indeed pregnant. I and the man that I am with are not ready at this point as he is just going to be moving in with me and we have things to work on( like a teenager that is awnry lol...). He wants children with me but he isn't ready either. So as we are both not ready that makes me wonder has the Lord seen fit that we are ready. I feel that the reason I was pregnant in 05 is he was trying to keep us together. Well that is all for now. I am very happy for those of you that have had beautiful babies after being fixed, and my prayers to those that have lost.


Carah - March 14

I would wait a bit longer to see if anything happens, When i was under stress my periods were off. See it this way, you two will have about a year to get ready for the baby, i found that long enough for me. I didnt think we would do it (money wise), but we did. We have 2 dogs also. My 1st signs were feeling bloated, cramps, and i was very gasy. I felt like i was going to get my period (without the gas part). Wait until you fell stong enough to get a test done. Once i thought i was pregnant and i wasnt, i was really dissapointed. Now i am Blessed with my little miracle. Today he is 1 month old. Congrats if you are! I will let out a little prayer for you. =o) -Carah



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