Do Your Hips Ever Go Back To Normal

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lily10 - July 18

I just had my baby 2 weeks ago and based on my weight I feel like I should be wearing a size 6 well maybe a size 8 : ) but I cant even get them past my hips. I find myself squeezing into a size 10. I'm sure that has to do with my hips and jelly belly. I'm hoping I will eventually go back to normal but I am told they may never go back to prepregnancy. Is it true that I may have to deal with wider hips from here on?


K - July 18

Everybody is different. My hips and stomach went completely back to normal after a few months; however, my rib cage did not go completely back to normal and is still wider than pre-pregnancy. I have friends who say their hips and everything else went completely back to normal, and a couple who say their hips are a little wider. 2 weeks is way to early to tell. Give yourself a good 6 months.


sunniesmile - July 21

good question lily - i am in the same boat ..i have about 12lbs to go but my pants are soooo tight i am like there is no way losing just 12lbs will make them fit fingers are crossed --I don't want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe - esp. in a bigger size..


jjontheway - August 20

It takes up to five months for the relaxin hormone to return to normal after giving birth - that's what loosens your ligaments and allows your hips and ribcage to expand. So it could take a few months to shrink back to your pre-preg size, and it's also genetics.



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