Weight Of 4 5 Month Old Baby Girl

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sugarlips - April 19

My daughter is about 4 and a half months old and she is weighing in at about 18lbs. This is what i am told an 8 month old baby is supposed to weigh. Anyone have anything similar?? She isn't fat or anything...chubby maybe but not extreamly what so ever , just normal.


tryin44 - April 23

My sister just took her son in yesterday at six months he weighs 18 lbs. Doctor said VERY healthy boy. My daughter weighs 16.5 lbs and she is 6 months also. I wouldn't be concerned. Babies grow at different speeds.


MollieM - April 24

I have heard that babies should double their birth weight at 6 months and triple it at 1 year. I hope that helps, but all children are different, so I would not worry. If Dr is concerned, they will tell you!


clindholm - April 24

It's really not weight so much as following along her curve on the growth chart. If she was born on the big side and stayed in her percentage it's fine. Mine wasn't 18 lbs until she was about 11 months, but she was born at 4 pounds, so she is not considered underweight b/c she has followed her trend.


margie - April 25

My baby just went into her checkup and she was 4 months and 1 week when we went in and she was 16lbs 7oz. She was 100th percentile for her lenght (27 in) and 92nd percentile for weight and the doctor said that she was completely and totally healthy in every way. I agree that the doctor will tell you if it was a problem and they would help you adjust her feedings. Sounds pretty normal to me though!


expectingbaby1 - April 30

Do not fear!! Hehe my two month old went for his checkup and he already weighs 16lbs and he looks chunky - but normal baby chunky! My doctor said he's very healthy, just big!



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