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kehaulani - June 10 9:25pm

i'm 7 months pregnant and haven't really been excercising since i was about 3 or 4 months..does it really help in labor or anything?

mary b - July 31 12:47pm

Labor and delivery is one of the most exhausting things that can happen to you....endurance is key to getting through build up endurance it's a good idea to to endurance building exercises such as running, walking, or anything cardio workout related. I have also been told and read that exercise gets the baby ready for labor and delivery. They get a workout too! Their home for 9 months all of a sudden starts to constrict and push them out! Sometimes i think they have it harder then us!!! It won't hurt you to get out and at least walk 30 min a'll be very happy u did. But check with the doc since you have been so sedentary for all this while before starting a new regime.


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