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erin - February 15th, 2005 12:20 PM

can I get pregnant with a tubal ligation?

Nicole - February 23rd, 2005 2:23 PM

what is th percentage of pregnancy after tubal ligation?

Alicia - February 28th, 2005 10:20 PM

can i still get pregant with a tubal ligation?

lovelacelv4 - February 28th, 2005 10:24 PM

can you still get pregant with a tubal ligation after 5 years

interesting - April 5th, 2005 12:04 PM

seems NO ONE knows the answer to this question.. very interesting

trace - April 6th, 2005 4:49 PM

I read somewhere that an egg can jump the gap when a woman loses a tube due to ectopic pregnancy. I suppose that it is possible for one rascally egg to maneuver into position with a ligation. Nothing is impossible!

Trisha - May 4th, 2005 2:19 PM

Yes you can, but there is an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy. However, it is possible to get pregnant after a tubal ligation. Chances are approximately 1/200.

Amber - May 10th, 2005 9:45 AM

whats the percentage of teen pregnancy in 2004 or 2005

teresa tatum - May 27th, 2005 9:46 PM

how many years is a tubal ligation guranteed for

terri-lynn - June 29th, 2005 12:42 AM

my mother got pregnant almost 20 years after having her tubes done. she ended up having a misscariage, but she still did get pregnant tho. turned out to be that after gaining wait over the years caused her tubes to come undone. so yeah theres a chance of still becomming pregnant.. hopefully not to high of a chance seeing that ivwe had my tubes done 10 wks ago

Honey - July 6th, 2005 9:56 AM

Can I get pregnant 4 years after a tubal ligation?

lostw_ohim - July 8th, 2005 1:55 PM

Yes you can get pregnant after a tubal ligation. It happens more than people think. They only guarentee them for 5 years anyways. Failure occurs more with certain types and the age you were when they were tied. If you get prego after a tubal ligation your risk for an ectopic is much higher. I had my tubes tied in 1997 and I am now 11 weeks pregnant.

maine - July 14th, 2005 10:12 AM

i had tubal 6 yrs ago i am now 15 days late , can i be pregnant,,,,1 urine test said negative,,that was 2 wks ago still nothing is happening.

Juliet - August 4th, 2005 11:32 PM

I had a tubal done 20 months it possible for me to get pregnant?

Clarissa Jamison - August 12th, 2005 10:45 PM

i really don't know. Right now i am having a problem and i need someone to talk to

Heather - August 15th, 2005 3:34 PM

I have had a tubal ligation for 13 years; is it possible to get pregant after having the procedure for so long???

kt - August 15th, 2005 8:30 PM

can i get pregnant 2 years after a tubal ligation?


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