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K - February 6

Is yoga ok while pregnant Im 10 weeks and want to try and start yoga does anyone know?


Sarah - February 7

Yoga is definitely a safe exercise to do while pregnant, although it is a good idea to get your doctor's 'ok' first. Yoga works to open up your pelvis, releive back pain and can even help with morning sickness! There are some poses that are not recommended during pregnancy though, so it is a good idea to attend prenatal yoga cla__ses or purchase a video meant specifically for pregnant women. :)


jessie - February 23

yoga for pregnant women. if you take a regular yoga cla__s, make sure you tell the instructor you are pregnant, they will most likely tell you to do a prenatal/pregnancy yoga.


Kathy - March 3

I have Baby & Mom Prenatal Yoga -the Method. During my first pregnancy I had sciatic nerve problems. Doing Yoga the second time around help ease this problem


kashi - March 5

certain excercises like twists in the abdomen area are not safe. they have been linked with miscarriages, especially in the 1. trimester. prenatal yoga is amazing thou! i really recommend doing that! my prenatal yoga cla__s was cancelled today and i'm kinda bummed! now i have to wait one whole week... hmmm...


Nick - March 17

i have been taking yoga and pilates cla__ses at my gym and the only thing I cannot do is anything on my stomach. My doctor told me I can do anything that I feel comfortable doing.


Kelly - March 17

I have heard yoga is good for pregnant women. They have special cla__ses for pregnant people, I would look into that. They focus on positions that are safe and good for you. I am actually going to look into it myself.


Nikki - May 5

I work at a Yoga studio, Yoga while pregnant is GREAT!! If you start to take cla__ses, make sure and tell the teacher that you are pregnant, there are some slight variations that you should do. But as long as your doctor says it is ok, I say go for it!!


Jessica - May 25

I did yoga before I was pregnant and as long as you do prenatal yoga then it is fine to do. I have loved yoga and it will help you out in the delivery room! I'm 17 wks and love it


lynnstress - June 4

I bought a dvd called 'Yoga Mama' by Crunch. I really like it, and it's not difficult to do unless you're not that limber or haven't worked out in a while. I bought it at Border's book store. My dr's office said anything designed for pregnancy is fine. I just started it a few weeks ago, at 10 weeks.


Kishi Gordon - June 7

Yes, you can go on with your yoga practice. But you much be careful of what yoga asanas you are chosing. There are some asanas should be avoided. And please do not lie on your back which will give too much pressure to your spine and uterus.


Katryna - September 8

Be very gentle in your first tri-mester. If you haven't already been doing yoga you should probably wait as it causes energetic changes in your body that might disturb your baby while it's nestling in. I highly recommend the video YOGA FOR PREGNANCY by Rama Berch. She is amazing, and has several other great videos in a gentle style of yoga that is very beneficial to you at any phase of your life. I'm in your same boat right now but a couple of weeks behind you but I have been practicing yoga for years so I'm continuing on with most of my 'normal' yoga practice. Avoid compressing your abdomen or doing anything to strenuous with your abdominal muscles. Don't twist too deeply through your belly and after four months you should not lay on your back for anything other than very short periods of time. The bottom line is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!! If it doesn't feel right then don't do it. Yoga is awesome, everybody would benefit from doing it! Enjoy your journey, be compa__sionate with yourself and your baby.


cad - November 18

Are inverted postures ok to do in the first trimester?



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