Follicles On U S After Ovulation

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mex_mom - January 22

Ok, so this may sound a little bit complicated...
My LMP was Dec 20, now I usually have cycles around 31 days. On Jan 5 (16 days after LMP) I went to the dr. and she made a transva___al ultrasound just to check everything was right. We saw on the U/S 3 follicles, two were bigger on one side and a smaller one on the other side. She told me if we baby danced that and the following two days we had a good chance of getting preganant, even twins.
On Jan 20 (32 days after LMP or 16 days after the U/S) I had a quant_tative blood test that was: 3,985.
Now, for this to be normal, I would have to have ovulated way before the ultrasound. My question is:
- Is it possible to ovulate one day and then 5 days later still have follicles visible on an ultrasound?
Or maybe I do have around 16 DPO high beta values?
Thanks for reading/answering!!



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