How Many Weeks Am I Today

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tanjen01 - December 27

If I am due June 18,2006, how many weeks am I today 12/27/2005?


Crystal - December 27

You are 15 weeks and 2 days you will be 16 weeks on sunday.


MARY - January 6



jenniferm01 - January 6

if i am due on the 8th of august how many weeks am i today 07/jan/06


florida - January 12

A friend conceived 17 Sept how many weeks/months is she?


jenn - January 18

Date: 01-17-06


Samantha - January 19

If I am due 22nd September how manty weeks am i today


Lola R - January 19

I'm due September 1st 2006. How far along (weeks) am I today? January 19th, 2006! I really need to know. Thanks


mar42984 - January 22

i am due april 19th. how many weeks am i


joyce - January 29

when do i start counting the weeks of my pregnancy


maude15 - February 1

Imy friend is due 01/06/06 how many weeks & days is she


tracy - February 1

my baby is due 31 july 2006 how many weeks pregnant am i


Amelia - February 4

How many weeks pregnant am I? My due date is March 10, 2006


California - February 13

my due date is september 21, 2006


monica - February 13

If I am due september 21, 2006, how many weeks am I today 2/13/2006?


rachel89 - February 17

how many weeks pregnant am i if my last period was on the 7th of january 2006? I have done a pregnacy test and was positive last saturday. THANX!.


heather - February 22

due 10 sep 06 how pregnant am I?



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