Is She Telling The Truth

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Confused - April 12

I just started a relationship with a new girl not long ago. We started having an intimate relationship not long after and now she is pregnant. However, only 19 days after the first time we had s_x, she went to the hospital due to complications, but I wasn't there. She told me that she listened to the baby's heartbeat that day. If she is telling the truth, then am I really the one that got her pregnant? I guess what I am asking is if you could hear a baby's heartbeat 19 days after conception?


concerned - April 12

Usually you can't hear the heartbeat until 24 days (thats the estimate of when the heart starts beating, but there have been a few exceptions) after conception using a trans-v____al ultrasound, **a regular ultrasound, or a hand held device, will NOT detect a heartbeat this early**. My question to you is how long ago you first had s_x, and when her last partner was .... maybe conception took place sooner.... (ovulation doesn't always occur on day 14) Also, ask her if you can go with her to her next dr.'s visit.... you can ask the doctor then an estimated date of when conception took place (don't forget, it's only an estimate!!!!) and you can also ask him when her first day of her last period was ( just in case she is lying to you), but at least you'll have a better idea. I hope everything works out and the baby is yours. Please keep us posted, no matter what the result.


crystal - April 14

The babys heart starts beating about 22 days after conception but it's so faint u cant hear it until the 9th or 10th week ,and thats if your lucky it's not until your about in the 12th week u can really hear it. It doesn't sound like shes telling u the truth. U need to find out the date of her last period and that will help u out alot.


lil - April 22

unless shes having twins then it could be a possibility



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