Period Was Early

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sandra - August 25

my question is if there is a posibility that im pregnent if my period was a week and a half early


Jackie - March 31

NO you sould not be pregnent, your menstrual cycle may be changing. It changes ever 2 to 3 months


Jackie - March 31

NO you sould not be pergnent your menstrual cycle may be changing.It changes ever 2 to 3 months


julie - June 9

my period was early and when i touch my b___sts they hurt


chris - July 20

i had my period on the 9th and i have started bleeding again today on the 20th is it possible that i could be pregnant


brittni - July 30

i had my period on july 4th and now it came on yesterday july 29th i never had my period come on 2 times in a month is it a chance i could be pregnant


denise - August 17

i had my period on july the 22nd and i started agin on the 16th of aug my b___st are leaking and sore iam i pregnate


lisa - August 25

my periods are two weeks early, i only finished my last period two weeks ago, this has never happened to me before. my cycle is normally 28 days and very regular......i dont have an answer but i think this is strange too


Annick - September 16

i had my period a week early . i read somewhere periods change due to the position of the moon and during that time you are fertile before, after and during. who knows maybe there's a chance! there's really nothing you can do until you miss a period and take a test


sara - September 30

i had my period a week and a half and now today i bleed a little whats wrong?


Samantha - January 28

How far along do you have to be for a pregnancy test to show positive?


Stephanie - February 16

I got my period a week early, while on BC. I don't take them same time every day. Can I get pregnant? My stomach always feels bloated, and I have another week before my period, can I take a pregnancy test now?


mary - February 17

I would like to know if I may be pergnent if I took a test and it came back negative and yet I am getting a belly and can feel some movement?? what is going on ?? am I or am I not ??
I am going to the doc's2/22/05! Should i go or not ??


Marie - February 17

Look, if you get your period you are probaly not pregnant! When, your pregnant your body produces a hormone called HCg..which stops the menstrual flow..! If, you get light pink/brown spotting which lasts about a day or is probaly implantation bleeding which would occur about the time a women "expects her period".If, you don't get your period in about 2 weeks take a pregnancy test it should show positive by then!


tay - February 24

I have been having my period and I feel sick and how long would I have my period if I am pregnant


rosa - March 29



Jessica - March 29

I don't know... but i'm in the same boat as you!!! so let's get some answers!



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