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tommy - August 22

what day did I conceive if I was due on June 26, 2007


FrancesM - August 27

Mid September


claire83 - August 27

I dont know but thats my birthday lol


FrancesM - August 27

That was funny Claire83!


claire83 - August 28

lol oops, well really no offence meant but why is it ppl keep asking when they concieved, it shouldnt really matter as no one can tell them the only way you know is if you have had ivf, because even if your charting ovalation it does not mean you got pregnant that day either as sperm lives up the 5 days in the tubes etc so it could be the day after etc etc think most are trying to figure out whos the daddy


FrancesM - August 28

HA HA HA that is funny too!



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