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cilla - April 9 11:43pm

if my child is born on march 25th, what month and possible day was she conceived?

beth - May 25 1:39pm

if my child is born on 4th of december 2005 what month and day was she concived?

tanya vargas - June 2 1:32pm

if my baby is due october 15 2005 what day conceived

nikki - June 14 3:07pm

my baby was conceived on may 31st when is it due

michelle - June 14 7:00pm

I am due november 28-dec11 what month and date did I conceive?

victoria murray - June 15 6:45pm

my baby is due on september 18,2005
what month and day did i conceive.

Erica - June 16 6:47pm

if my period was February 22, what month and possible day was conceived

Sylvie - June 16 7:19pm

Victoria, ur last period was prolly around Dec.11th/04 so u conceived ur baby around Dec. 25th if ur on a reg. 28 day cycle.

Sylvie - June 16 7:21pm

Erica, you prolly conceived that baby arount March the 8th.

Sylvie28 - June 16 7:24pm

Michelle, you probably conceived around Feb 21-March 7th

Sylvie - June 16 7:31pm

Nikki, ur baby is due Feb 24th

Amber Wheeler - June 24 12:51pm

If the first day of my last period was August 30 when did I conceive?

Amanda - July 18 3:37pm

Cilla..If your due date was March 25th give or take a few days you would have conceived June...early June
Beth..If would be Late Feb. early March.
Michelle..March or April

Amanda - July 18 3:42pm
Reply would have conceived 09/13..due date would prolly be about 06/06 give or take

Emily - July 19 9:53am

if my baby is born on december the 14th, when was he/she conceived?

runima - July 20 8:40am

My LMP was on june 6th 2005. when did i conceive

Anna - August 3 7:19am

emily, well am due on the 4th dec and they tell me i conceiveth 7 to 12 so you sohuld be around that area aswell as you a ten days a head of me so work it out from my dates


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