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mrs.swiss4207 - February 20

On June 22nd 2006 my period came on time and lasted for 5 days as usual. My next periiod should've been july 20th, but it came on the 17th and was real faint and pinkish. It only lasted 2 days. I thought i was pregnant them. Only July 28th i got raped when i was out of state. I told my boyfriend when i got back on the August 4th. August 5th i took a cheap home pregnancy test and it came back positive. Then i took another the 7th. followed by three more, all positive. I had nausea before the 28th of July. I also had a brownish spotting on August 9th-14th. I had my first ultrasound November 2nd, and should've been close to 19 wks along, but they said i was only about 16 wks. then i went back November 29th and they said i was 20wks along. When did i conceive?



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