When S The Best Time NOT To Get Pregnant

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Rosie - May 12

When is the best time of the month not to get pregnant? Before, during, or after your period? I use protection but I want to be extra safe. thanks


Rosie - May 12

Please someone help me withthis one. I'm really confused about it and stuff xx


B - May 18

Right after your period. If you learn more about your body and when you ovulate you will know for sure. Just as an example... when you wipe after urinating try to notice daily if there is any slippery discharge. (I know it is gross) This can help you identify the day you ovulate and you can chart it in the months to come. Sounds confusing but it is useful. good luck.


Lily363 - May 19

yea thats da bst time if u want to be extra safe


KAYLA - May 20



Christina - May 20

There is really no "safe" day!! A woman with a normal 28 day cycle will usually ovulate on the 14th day of her cycle, however, not all women are the same. For example, if you have a normal 30 day cycle, you would probably ovulate on day 16 (16 days after the first day of your last period). Remember sperm can also live for up to a certain amount of days, so if you have s_x 3 days before you ovualte the sperm could be just hanging around waiting for the egg. You never know! Good luck


Emily - May 22

I don't yo use protection I want have a feeling good


tun - July 5



c - July 19

i dont know


B - July 29

I had s_x the week after my period. And I want to know if there is a possiblity that I might be pregnant.


A - August 7

hey, me and my girlfriend had s_x the 2nd day of her period and i ejaculated in her. is there a chance shes pregnant?


shorty_thickness - August 21

I got my period on a 26 cycle not a 28 and I only had it for 2 days wat do that means?


Renee_ - August 13

Of course.


Renee_ - August 13

Of course.



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