2 Blighted Ovums In A Row

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stay-c - February 11

i had read that having more than one blighted ovum was uncommon. I have had 3 miscarriages, two of which were blighted ovums. Has anyone had more than one? I am scared to death that there's something wrong with me and i will have another one. i'm scheduled for a D & C on monday. they are doing numerous blood tests and are going to


mulgajill - February 16

dont be scared... i had three m/c, with two being in a row (dont know if they were blighted.... never have ultra sound until i am 11 weeks.... the last one in dec 04 started on the day i went in to have u/s... fetus failed to develop past 7 weeks they said)... anyway the good news is i have had two kids, with problem free pregnancies along the way too... hope this helps... you must be feeling really sad, i know i was not bad after no1 m/c, but the second one i think hysterical would have described my reaction... it is a mix of emotions and hormone drop..... keep trying stay-c, i am trying for no3 child as of next weekend... (had most recent m/c dec 04).... i am game for a bit more psychological torture... on the upside, i may just end up with a baby... :-)


ktuk - February 24

I had 2 blighted ovums in a row before my daughter was born in '99. I am now pregnant with my third child (6 weeks) and am worried due to lack of symptoms that this could be another blighted ovum. I also read that after one it was unlikely to happen again. I'd like to get an early scan to find out one way or the other. Torture indeed.


chryss - February 26

i had also 2 blighted ovums last july 2001 and february 2004. don't scared 4 me i am fighting for this bad experience i had. am hoping 4 d next one but i'm praying dat it will be a God's gift and will 4 me.



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