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Rylee - March 2

I was just wondering if anyone has conceived soon after a miscarriage. I had mine on Monday night, am still bleeding but go in for quant_tative blood test again tomorrow to see where my levels are. I was only at 30 when I went to ER on Monday night. Just wondering how long it usually takes to conceive again and what the possibility of another miscarriage is after one. Thanks for any advice.


Amy - March 2

Hi Rylee. I am sorry to hear that you are going thru a m/c..I just went through a m/c w/ my first preg. last week and know how heartbreaking it is : ( My MD told me since I did not have a d&c that I could try again in 2 weeks..which happens to be this week! I have read that the chances of having a term pregnancy following m/c is 90%!!! Which is better than a 50% chance of m/c w/ your first pregnancy! I am putting faith and hope to work for me..I have read many posts on this site w/ a lot of people saying that they or their friends conceiving within 2 weeks to 3 months of m/c..that sounds promising to me! Good luck to you!


rylee - March 2

Thanks alot for the reply, it's great to have that kind of news. It almost makes you afraid to try again because it might end like that. But I guess I have heard, too, that a lot of first pregnancies end up this way. I have a Dr.'s appt. Mar. 14, so I'm hoping he'll tell me to start trying when I feel ready. I'm not sure how far along I was because I had just found out I was pregnant the week before and hadn't made it to my dr.'s appt before the miscarriage. We really want to have a baby and am excited to start trying again. I had cramping for 2 days and this is day 3 of bleeding, but lighter now. Just a natural miscarriage, no surgery, so we're hoping to start again soon! Thanks again for all the support and good luck to you! Baby dust your way!!


rylee - March 2

Oh, my Hcg level on Monday night at ER was 30, so he should to have it checked in 3 days and see, hopefully it's on it's way down and into a new cycle!


Dani K - March 7


stacie b - March 7

I am in the same situation. Just had a miscarriage 5 months ago and found out I was pregnant Feb 18. This last Saturday started bleeding, and I am very heart broken about it. My HCG qts was only 36.1. I am goin back to the doctor tomorrow to have another test done. My heart goes out to u. This is very hard.


Kat - March 19

Hi Ladies... I'm so sorry for your losses. I, too, m/c'd a week ago. What a devastating experience. I was hoping to get a "chat" going on what to do next for those interested in sharing ideas for how to get our bodies back in the best shape for a healthy, new pregnancy... and support each other while we await a new conception. The waiting seems to be one of the hardest parts of all this, beyond our obvious loss. I can't seem to submit a new question and so I thought I'd choose Rylee's "Advice Anyone". Anybody interested?


Kat - March 19

Some of my ideas - things I have heard about or my midwife has told me are: Rasperry Tea for strengthening the reproductive system and Comfrey for healing. Vitamin C for immunity and also for fighting stress. We all know how stressful this situation is, right?! Ugh. I have a sneaking suspicion that for some of us it is our bodies (over)reactions to stress that creates a shift in our hormones... If anyone is interested in talking more about that, I'd be happy to share what I know. ~~~ As far as using herbs or supplements I do think my midwife makes a lot of sense in saying that you should only use those up until the time you ovulate once you start having unprotected s_x again, even if some say they are safe during pregnancy...(Prenatal vitas ok though of course...). I hope there are others out there who feel like I do - that there is a lot we could do to raise our chances of a healthy pregnancy next time, even if our m/c's were just a strange anomaly and not destined to happen again. We could still give our future babies the healthiest start possible, right? ~~~ Good vibes sent to all of you.... :)



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