After 5 Mc Pg Again 6 5 Weeks Amp Getting Nervous

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redhead125 - July 10

Went in for ultrasound at 5w6d and found embryo with a great heartbeat (+100 which is on track with age). I'm incredibly nervous because we've never made it to an 8 week ultrasound and I feel like I'm losing symptoms (6w6d). Went in for 5.5 week ultrasound because felt like losing symptoms, but then they picked back up again. We've had 2 losses due to trisomy 16, 2 blighted ovums and the first is an unknown (probably due to septum which has been removed). I've had a full work-up (including DNA TWICE and DNA for husband). They say that we are fine and shouldn't have any problems. I'm a nervous wreck--we've never had a successful pregnancy. I'm thinking about calling my OB and asking if I can change my appointment scheduled for 7/19 to sometime this week. I know I need to stay positive, but it's incredibly difficult.


mani30 - July 10

redhead.. stay put and relax even though its hard to do so.congrats for getting pregnant again. all my prayers for a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy for u, I myself have had 5 m/c for no known reason, had hell lot of testing done. and never made it past 5 -6 weeks. send me some of ur baby dust ;-) take care


MelissaK - July 10

Hi - I have had 2 MCs and had a surgery in March. I am 4w5d and I REFUSE to let me spirit be beat. I VOW not to check my chest tenderness every 2 mins. I VOW I will not run to the bathroom to check the tissue every 20 mins. (I hope this positive thinking helps :) . I VOW to eat healthy, exercise daily, and not spend every waking second thinking this pregnancy is going south!!


SaraH - July 10

redhead125, I've lost 2 pregnancies to m/c and I know I'm going to be so nervous when I get a bfp again, so I know what you feel like -especially after 5 losses I can imagine it's even worse. But as there is nothing you can do about it one way or another, try to relax and trust that God knows what is going on with your baby even if you don't. Hang in there and I'll be praying all goes well for you and that in 9 months you're holding this little one, healthy and happy, in your arms.



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