Can You Ovulate AND Have A Period With HCG Still High

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jokell - June 3

I had to be induced at 15 weeks pregnant when my angel baby's heart stopped beating. The next day I had to have a D&C for placenta that was left behind. That has been 3 weeks and 3 days ago. I bled for 10 days straight after the procedure. After my 2 week check up DH and I had s_x. Exactly one week later (3 weeks post D&C) I had some spotting, pretty random off and on for 2 days. It was very light pink and brown and mostly only when I wiped. I decided to take a pregnancy test since it sounded like it could be implantation bleeding and it was positive. (First Response brand) The next day I took another one and it was positive. Yesterday I went to the Dr. and they did a pregnancy test which was negative and he did an ultrasound which showed that I had recently ovulated and there was nothing left behind from the D&C. The nurse said my pregnancy test brand may have been more sensitive than theirs. They took blood to test my HCG level and they will do it again tomorrow if it comes back high. So I took another pregnancy test this morning and it was positive......but it looks like I've started my period as well!!?? I'm SOOO confused. How can I ovulate AND have a period while I'm still showing positive on pregnancy tests? Is this left over HCG or did I get pregnant again already???? Thanks!


jokell - June 3

Nurse just called and said my HCG is 16. So if this was from the previous pregnancy I wouldn't be able to ovulate yet would I? I've read that you can't ovulate until it is <5. Is that true? If it is then that means this is a new pregnancy. And if it's a new pregnancy I can't help but wonder if I'm miscarrying again since I started bleeding this morning. Any opinions would be great!!!!


AllieP. - June 3

Hi JokeII, im so sorry for your loss. I had a similar situation as you but much more drawn out. I had a D&C in January but i moved shortly afterwards and saw a new doc for a follow up. She didn't do an examine but since this was my third loss she referred me to an RE. Well it took another month to see the RE for the first time. I got a period almost nine weeks after the D&C but when i took an hpt it was showing positive. The RE did an hsg and an u/s and it showed retained tissue from the D&C. My hcg levels were about 8 and would not go down. So my body still ovulated and I still had a period even with retained pregnancy tissue. If your hcg levels do not go down your doc really needs to check your lining to be sure the tissue is all out! Not to scare you but it could just be retained tissue from the last pregnancy. I ended up having to have another D&C. Good luck and i hope you get some answers! Oh and just a regular u/s may not show the tissue (my first u/s i had did not show it) you may need the saline kind.


jokell - June 3

Thanks Allie and I'm sorry for your loss too. My Dr. wants to recheck my HCG levels this Friday to see if they are going down from the 16 yesterday. I imagine they will go down since I'm bleeding right now. It's not as heavy as my typical periods are so I'm not sure if it may be an early miscarriage? So does this mean that you can ovulate even with elevated HCG?


AllieP. - June 3

I believe anything between 5 and 20 hcg level is considered undetermined as far a pregnancy goes. My level hovered around 8 for a couple weeks and i kept saying i wanted to wait it out to see if i got my period. Well, i got my period and even though I bled my hcg still remained at around 8 so i had to do a hysteroscopy with D&C to remove the remaining tissue since it wasn't budging on its own even with my bleeding. So yes, to answer your question, with low levels of hcg you still can ovulate and get your period. If your levels don't go back down to zero and they seem to stay around 16 i'm sure your doctor will check your lining more in depth. I'm hoping for you they go down and you have no additional procedures! I'm confident that you'll be fine! Let me know how it goes on Friday!


jokell - June 4

Thanks Allie! Yeah, I hope I don't have to have another procedure too. If this truly is my period, which I'm a__suming it is, then there is more clots and tissue coming out than with a normal period. Maybe my body will naturally get out any left over tissue or placenta. When they induced me the placenta came out in pieces. The doctor said she had never seen it do that before. That is why they ended up having to do a D&C the next day. So I guess it's possible that some got left behind. I'm going to do another home preg. test tomorrow just to see the results. After all this bleeding I imagine it would go down enough to not register on a HPT.??



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