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margie - February 15 12:39pm

Well, I got my D&C done on Monday evening and still have some cramping...but what really has been bothering me and I guess I should just call the doctor and that I have been passing these pretty large clots and (this may be kind of gross and TMI if you haven't been through this) they are like black and kind of like gooey, like a dried gel and quite large...ugh, its really gross and it's been a lot of it today. The blood isn't a massive amount itself but just these clots are gross, does it mean that they didn't get all of it out of me? Is this something that I should be getting looked at or is this part of the healing process for this procedure? They just told me if I soak a pad an hour to go get it checked out, but never mentioned anything about passing these clots. I just want to start feeling better, I've had enough of the worrying with the pregnancy.... :(

stefkay - February 15 12:47pm

hi margie, I pa__sed clots just like this, but it was the day I m/c naturally so I dont know about after a d&c. you should definitely call your doctor about it. It seems like after a d&c you should only have minimal bleeding and not these large clots. Sorry, tmi here too, but they basically sc___pe it all out, so I wouldn't think there should be clots?? Not sure, but call and check...

margie - February 15 1:01pm

ya, thats what i was thinking too...there shouldn't be anything left to come out? i am going to call the doctor for sure but it's just kind of strange to me, I guess it's possible for them to miss some of it? Man, I just want this all to get back to normal and heal so I can move on at least physically.

jenn_ns - February 16 10:44am

Margie -- I'm so sorry you're going thru this. I kind of went through the same thing...although I didn't know it. I went to the doctor for my 2 week check up after my D&C (VERY important that you do, too), and she noticed a clot in my cervix. I had NO idea it was there. **TMI** She tried to get it out, and I was cramping, and bleeding heavily by then. She had to rush me upstairs to the hospital, start an IV with Morphine...and basically do another D&C (I figure)...even tho' I was awake. The doctors don't warn you about these clots, although they should (especially if it's your first m/c) -- because when you see a clot that large, it scares the hell out of you. Have you called your doctor? GL., Margie. Again... I'm sorry you're going thru this. It's not easy...

margie - February 16 11:38am

i called and left a message at my doctors office but haven't heard back yet. The large clots have stopped for now...but your story makes me concerned that they could just be stuck up there. I already did make my follow up appointment and definetely plan on going. Making sure that everything is healthy is important to me because I know I want to try again for sure. I do wish they would warn us about this kind of thing though! It's really disturbing when I was told it would just be like a light period and then to see these really huge clots, ugh. Thanks Jenn!

jenn_ns - February 16 2:01pm

Margie -- that's great that you're taking the proper steps, and contacting your doctor. Ya know... just because they deal with this type of thing everyday....we don't (as individuals). I'm sorry that I had to be the one to tell you about this, and not your own doctor. Good thing this forum is here for us, eh?!

Shiner081 - February 16 3:09pm

Hi margie,I just had another D&C on Tue Feb. 13/07.My last D&C was on Oct.6/06 before this.I do have 3 healthy children already but want a 4th.On wed. I pa__sed one big clot and the first thing I thought about was did they get it all out.I will be seeing my family doctor on Mon.Feb 19th.I only had that one big clot and few itty biity ones after.I still am bleeding lightly with some minor cramping.Hopefully nothing to worry about.Infection could set in I guess so just watch for a fever or an odour.I never had clots pa__s with my previous D&C but then again I was further along this time.I am so desperate to try again that I do not know if I will wait till I get my period.All the docter said was try again when I was ready.Hope for the best,will be waiting for your report back from the doctor.

margie - February 16 3:33pm

thanks you shiner! im sorry you had to go through another one. i'm curious about what the doctor will say also. i am hoping this doesn't mean that I have to get another procedure done. at least i know that my cervix was naturally already opening when i got mine done because he said if i hadn't gotten the d&c done when i did the baby would have pa__sed probably within a few hours. i just don't want an infection but i don't have any fever and my cramps have stopped so that probably means all those clots are out, now i just have little ones sometimes and the bleeding is alot less. what you said about being farther along might have something to do with it? i was 10 weeks and although the baby had stopped growing and was always measuring small the doctor said the sac it was in was really large inside my uterus, like maybe it was growing the whole time even though the baby never really developed enough. im sure they check to see if it's all out when you go for the follow up?

Shiner081 - February 16 3:48pm

Hi,margie,yeh I am sure they would know if anything would be wrong or not cleaned out properly.I guess I will see monday.I was 10 weeks 4 days when I had my D&C on Tuesday.The ultra sound showed that I was 7 weeks 3 days.But said there might have been some detereration.My first D&C ultrasound showed that I was about 5 weeks but I was 9 weeks 4 days,pretty much an empty sack.This second D&C was harder to deal with cause on JAnuary 22 I had an ultra sound and saw the heart beating then but by this last D&C ultra sound I could tell it never really changed in size.I just pray the next time I get pregnant,all goes well.

margie - February 16 4:04pm

i know what you mean about seeing the heartbeat...i also had an ultrasound on january 22 and it showed a heartbeat and the baby only measuring a week behind but the ultrasound before that i was 2 weeks behind my LMP so i thought maybe it was "catching up" but i have a feeling the development never went right from the beginning. i just couldn't help but think how close i got to the second trimester. i found out i was miscarring last friday and they said the baby stopped growing sometime that past week. it's heartbreaking to see that heartbeat and then that happiness taken away from you when you see that next ultrasound with no movement at all. on one hand im happy i got to experience pregnancy for the 2 months that i knew i was...but on the other hand, i feel like it would have been easier to have lost it earlier before i saw the heartbeat and got attached. i also pray we have pregnancys with no complications next time!

1054 - November 25 6:29pm

hi all.. i found out i waas pregnant at 5 weeks i then started spotting and had a scan i was showen a strong heart beat and a perfect sac but was told i had a bloot clot which was causing me to bleed. two weeks after i started bleeding than spotting so had another scan to show that there was no heart beat.. i had a d&c and had a period a few weeks later but i still feel pregnant 8 weeks on im getting a belly and i keep having rumberling feeling or like a spazem type of feeling but it changes places above my belly b___ton, below,at the side and even on my back soom times.. i did a pregnancy test thinking it would prove to me i wasnt pregnant which came up negative as i really want a baby and thought this was all in my head but still now i still feel sick my b___bs hurt my tummy is growing im still getting these feeling at leasrt 6 times a day and more when i lead in the bath or in bed... my mum works in the womans and childrens unit at the hospital and she says its coz im wanting to be pregnant but does anyone else have this problem?? i should be 17 weeks pregnant and i havent had s_x cin i got pregnant !!


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