D Amp C How Many Days Did You Take Off Of Work Quot

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kay - March 9

I have a d&c scheduled for Friday. Trying to figure out if I should tell my boss that I may be home on Monday too. If others could share about how many days they took off work, I'd appreciate it!


chelle - March 9

I was back to work a couple of days later which was more of an emotional thing. I had absolutely no pain after having my d&c done. Don't worry too much. Wish you the best of luck.


EMMA - March 9

Hi Kay, i didnt have a d&c i had a miscarriage but im taking a couple of weeks of work cause of the mental pain of what happened at the minute i just cant stand the thought of working and people been around me.


chelle - March 9

emma is right. If you can finacially afford to take that long off, for emotional purposes you should. Just someone asking you how youre feeling will be a tear jerker. Not to mention other questions and comments. Sorry to hear about your loss, are you coping o.k. Things of that sort is emotionally heart wrenching. Good luck to you!


Kara - March 9

Part of it depends on how far along you are. I was 15 wks so it was harder on my body. I took off a week, but I probably should have made my first day back a 1/2 day. I'm a hair stylist so I am on my feet all day and by the end of the day I was a little crampy. My doctor recommends 10 days because not only are you trying to heal physically while dealing with this incredible grief, there are also crazy things going on with your hormones. A few days after the d/c I started having hot flashes and headaches. Take it easy and don't rush things. You have been through a lot and your body is going to be experiencing a lot of sudden changes. Be good to yourself these next few weeks.


C - March 9

I am from Singapore and from what I know, patients are given 2 weeks of medical leave by doctors to recover.


Cathy - March 9

I had my D&C on dec 27th. I was told I could return to normal activity in 48 hours. I didn't take any time off work. There were no complications and I was 8 weeks. Best of luck to you


Jess - March 9

I just had a miscarriage and a D&C on Monday 3/7. I was told to rest for 48 hours. I'm actually going back to work tomorrow. I don't have to be on my feet. I haven't had any pain and hardly any bleeding since the D&C but emotionally I am on a roller coaster. One minute ok and the next I just start to cry. So I think you really only need that 48 hours for rest but emotionally it may differ from person to person.


Petra - March 10

I had my D/E four weeks ago today, Thursday, and went to work again on Monday. I felt really fine. The "surgery" is not a big deal because it takes 10 minutes and there really is no pain involved afterwards. The emotional part is probably where people react different. This was my third pregnancy and the first two were without problems. I was also only 8 weeks along and my father has been very ill since November, and I have been caring for my mom since he is in a home to rehabilitate. A lot of stress.... and we will be moving into our new home next month. A lot of stuff going on and after having thought about this baby day in and day out untill I had my d/e I feel great now. I did not have the time to keep thinking about it, I had to move on...


Stacey - March 11

Mine was on Friday, I took off Monday and went in Tuesday- way too soon. I could have used one more day- being at work made me bleed and cramp more (on my feet).


Pam - March 20

I had a d&c about six weeks ago. I was out 9 days....4 the week of the d&c and the following work week. I think it is important to remember your emotional health and give yourself some time to deal with what has happened.


Liza - March 20

I had my D&C last monday and took the rest of the week off. I work for an acctg. firm and my doctor told me not to go back to a stressful work environment (which an acctg office is a madhouse right now!) for atleast 2 weeks...I'm going back tomorrow but not sure how im going to handle it because noone but my boss knew and I unfortunately work with all men who could care less about women/emotional issues like this. Physically I've sort of been fine since wed. but emotionally im still a wreck and not sure if I will ever be back to normal but definitely getting very anxious to start TTC again!!!


Stephanie - March 20

We were in the middle of a move when I had mine, so I took about two weeks off just to rest and try to get back to normal. I found out friday my doctor is sending me to a High Risk Specialist. One of my test results came back with my antibodys fighting things they souldnt, I am so confused I guess i will find out more though, Has anyone else ever heard of this..


stacey - March 21

Stephanie- was this your first m/c? What kind of tests did they do? I recently had my first m/c and they wouldn't do nay tests so you don't know if it'll happen again.


Linda - March 24

I actually had to have 2 D&C's! I went back after two days. The 2nd D&C was for a blood clot after 1st D&C! What a NIGHTMARE! Good luck to you all. We're going to try again!


Stephanie - March 24

Stacey This was my second miscarriage, so that is why she ran the test for me. I am not really sure exactly what all she ran but she checked all kinds of things. I go to the doctor the 18th of April to the specialist and I cant wait to here what they say. I dont know why they dont just run them anytime you have a miscarriage Just so you know. Sorry about your loss... Linda I hate to hear that you had to go through that twice. Good luck to everyone.



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