lanislee - March 20

I have a quick question about m/c. I had my miscarriage Feb. 28 and the past week I've had a clearish white discharge, yesterday there was alot and few days it was stretchy, but has anyone had this happen? I'm not sure if this is what happens after you miscarry or if I'm ovulating. If I am it's only been about 3 weeks since m/c. Thanks for any info on this!


Petra - March 21

I had a d/e on feb 10 and started my periode 5 weeks later. During those weeks I had three times where I had white discharge. I don't know if I ovulated at any time... Did have my periode so I am not pregnant. I guess it is just like all the other stuff happening to your body, it varies from woman to woman....


Pam - March 23

Lanislee-I have the same thing! Clear white discharge for the last week after what seems to have been a m/c. Did u know you were having a m/c? How far along were you?


Julie - March 25

Hi, I am 2 weeks past miscarriage and have had something similar. Very mucousy for me, but not like an infection. Very stringy......... I too am hoping its normal.......


Cyn - March 27

It happens to me too....4.5 weeks after my m/c I had stretchy mucus discharge. I did an ovulation test, it was negative but it looked so much like ovulation discharge. It lasted for 2-3 days and clears after that. It has been 6.5 weeks after m/c now, still haven't gotten my period. We did ttc on that day I noticed the mucus but 2 weeks after conception, I tested negative on hpt. Am waiting for one more week to test again if period doesn't arrive.



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